3 Things You Should Know About Wechat Moments Advertising

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WeChat, with 750 million DAU, by no doubt is one of the mostly used mobile Apps among Chinese people. Therefore it is considered the paramount Chinese digital marketing channel for business of all types. WeChat offers three types of advertising solutions (know the three Wechat Ad), however Wechat Moment ads is regarded as the best solution to start with. Averagely speaking, a Wechat user checks Wechat Moment 10 times per day.

WeChat Moments ads are similar to Facebook news feed ads. It gives users the feeling that one of their “friends” sent an advertisement on their WeChat moments, but with an additional “Sponsored” tag in the upper right corner.

Although Moments ads are likely the most familiar ad option comparing to other solutions, we found there are some misunderstandings regarding it. Moreover, Wechat continues to grant Moments Ads more features and updates over the time. That’s why marketers have to keep track on several updates done to the platform. In this article our Senior Account Manager, Joy Gao, lists three thing you must consider when doing We Chat Advertising:


Threshold on Wechat Moment Ad Is Not 50k RMB

A large number of blogs and articles suggest that the minimum investment on Wechat Moments Ads is 50k RMB (~USD 7,400). This has kept some brands from testing out this ad platform. Actually it’s a misleading claim. You can launch two types of ad campaigns through Wechat’s self-serve MP system: Bidding Ad campaign or Scheduled Ad campaign.

For Scheduled Ad campaigns, your Ad is guaranteed with a certain amount of impressions and you’re charged by a fixed CPM rate. If you choose to advertise in this way you will need a minimum 50k RMB top up for each campaign. However, Bidding Ad campaigns have no such requirement. You bid for impressions and are charged by varied CPM. Bidding Ad resembles the common paid ad format you know, and it only requires a minimun Daily budget of 1000 RMB.

In summary, you can launch a Wechat Moments Ad campaign as long as you have a budget over 1000 RMB.


Wechat Moments Ad Is Able to Link with E-commerce Platform Now


In order to to promote a product or shop, advertisers needed to add CTAs in the bottom of the Ad, which could be linked to a Wechat Mini Program, a dedicated H5 or a dedicated We Chat landing page. Among the three, the only “click to buy” option that could be offered was to link the ad to a Wechat Mini Program shop, which requires the brands to develop a Mini Program shop in the first place.

Recently, Wechat has added one more feature on MP Ads, allowing advertisers to set up an eCommerce mini program shop using a pre-set Youzan B2B template, or linking to a current shop. In this way Wechat provides a ready-to-go eCommerce solution to all merchants. It is also convenient to consumers who has real buying intentions. Now, advertisers are encouraged to invest in e-commerce ads for a better return.



Leverage A.I Ad Audit Process Smartly and You Can Advertise More Efficiently


Each piece of Advertisement needs internal audit by Tencent before publishing. Although Tencent doesn’t officially announce machine driven support in it, there are many signs that they are doing it (Find out more from Jademond’s blog). The audit steps are illustrated below:

The new audit process benefits marketers and advertisers, since when they follow the guidelines they can skip the manual audit, saving much time for ad campaigns. To be more specific, it takes less than 2 days when everything is correct, instead of 7 days for censorship revision as back in the day.

As we can see, Wechat Moments Ad is growing with more features and flexibilities. To get continuous yields, you need to catch up with the latest trend, or have someone who’s devoted to share these info with you.


Joy is the Account Manager in Jademond. She writes about all subjects from China online marketing practices to the latest Chinese technology unicorns.

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