4 Latest Updates on Wechat Mini-program Help Boost Wechat Store’s Development

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According to QuestMobile, in 2018, WeChat mini-program has exceeded 400 million in size and the DAU (daily active users) in March has remained at around 140 million, which means that one of the four WeChat users will use a mini-program per day. This attracted many e-commerce companies into WeChat mini-program and made great achievement, such as JD, Vipshop and Pinduoduo. Also, mini-program’s low development cost and cross-platform features created many opportunities for SMEs or individuals to join the e-commerce. WeChat Mini-program has made many updates in 2019 that will make it easier and convenient for e-commerce operations. Let’s take a look at what else we can do on mini-program.

1.Mini-program inserted without binding with the OA (WeChat Official Account)

In the past, mini-program had to be associated with the OA before they could be inserted into the articles. And there is another restriction that the same OA can only be associated with 10 mini-program of the same subject or 3 mini-program of different subjects, which increases the promotion cost of the mini-program.

But now, you can place mini-program in the article without binding and are free form any other restriction. Developers can insert the mini-program in the articles directly by enter the name of mini-program in the toolbar in background.

At the same time, there are some updates in the background of mini-program.

  • The AppID of mini-program is publicized and can be used without the need for the developers of mini-program to look over in the background.
  • The mini-program code can be freely generated, hence developers can choose to insert a mini-program code which can be scanned to enter the mini-program directly, in addition to the forms of text, image and mini-program card.


This update brings more promotion channels to mini-program, greatly reducing the promotion cost that merchants who want to promote their e-commerce mini-program can cooperate with KOLs to attract traffic.


2.Mini-program SEO

Mini-program has launched its “Page Inclusion” function, which means every page of the mini-program can be searched in the “WeChat Search”. As long as the pages contains the searched keywords, they will be displayed in the search results and users can click on the pages to enter the mini-program. For example, when you search for “Clothes”, not only the mini-program with the name containing “clothes” but also the product details pages containing keyword “clothes” will displayed in the search results.

Benefits and Advice:

This function brings more traffic to mini-program and convenience to customers at the same time. As for developers, they can optimize the page structure to promote its ranking in the “WeChat Search” and attract more traffic. As for the rules of the page inclusion, it can now be found that the search volume regarding core keyword words, key pages, update time and update frequency would be the key factors affecting the results of the search.

However, it is worth noting that developers should pay attention to the protection of privacy information to avoid the disclosure resulting in page inclusion.

3.Fine Goods Circle

WeChat added the entrance of the “Fine Goods Circle” in the mini-program search page and build up a platform for fine goods recommendation like “Moment”, which further attracted traffic to social e-commerce. Users click on the “friend recommendation details” to enter the mini-program and purchase. Through friends sharing, users can have a clear idea of “what’s worth buying” and “where to buy”.

Source:  GrowingIO

4.The Logistics Assistant

The Logistics Assistant has cooperated with most of logistics companies and bind them to the mini-program background. Tencent said that the users can receive messages and get order number and logistics information once they have placed orders in mini-program.


For merchants involved in the process of goods delivery, receipt, etc., they can access the logistics assistant at 0 cost. Through this function, users can receive logistics information on WeChat directly and quickly, and merchants can efficiently connect multiple logistics companies.

Source: 微信公开课

For mini-program e-commerce, these updates undoubtedly bring them new ideas and convenience, whether in promotion or in operation. We believe that WeChat mini-program will attract more and more e-commerce companies in the future.

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