4 Things You Should Know about Weibo Marketing but You Don’t

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2018 is a fast growing year for Weibo. The monthly revenue growth rate exceeded 60% for 5 successive quarters, going beyond the expectation of Wall Street analysts. Up to the 3rd quarter, Weibo’s MAUs (Monthly Active Users) reached 446 million, that’s a population outnumbering the population of U.S.

With its huge traffic and user base, Weibo becomes an unneglectable media platform for commercial use, attracting the attention of all companies domestically or abroad. Marketing on Weibo or Weibo marketing is a growing strategy for most companies who target China and intends to do digital marketing in China. Many already got their foot wet and a large number are about to launch the marketing campaign. Here’ we are offering some tips and field experience that is commonly not known to outside marketers yet are invaluable if you want success on Weibo.

1, you always want a Verified Enterprise account to begin your trip on marketing on Weibo

On the Sign Up page on Weibo, you can see two types of Registration, separately for Personal account and Company account. A company is best to go with Official Registration because there’re fewer hassles when you publish promotion content, with product pictures and links to shops. By comparison, a personal account will face so much more trouble when doing so.

After registration, we suggest you get verification for the account because a verified account can do additional commercial activities like Weibo Advertising through Weibo Super Fans Tong (more details on Weibo Fans Tong). There’s a verification fee required if you’re holding an overseas BR, based on your location. It seems to be an investment at first but is necessary if you want to launch successful ad campaigns on Weibo. Long gone the days when you keep updating content and fans follow. Some sort of promotions and advertising are necessary to obtain fans attention and even get sales leads. Check out how to register a verified Weibo account from Steps to Set Up a Weibo Verified Account

2, young Chinese prefer rich media

Post 95 is a group commonly talked about when considering young consumers in China. This group stands out being raised in a richer environment and are more willing to spending than saving. On verticals like consumer electronics etc. they out-spend their parents and elder siblings.

Post 95, comparing with others, favors content presented in rich media, music, and videos etc. A report from iResearch shows that on social media, post 95 has similar clicks on pictures and hyperlinks. On pure text content, only 4.1% of post 95 are willing to read on while the other group being 13.3%; However, 18.9% of post 95 enjoys video content, much higher than the other group, for which the number is 4.4%.

So if you’re trying to attract younger Chinese, you need to deliver your content in multi-media formats.

3, Targeting options are more diverse than you think

When it comes to advertising, targeting is a big concern and a critical part in most marketers’ eyes.

Targeting based on geo-location, interest, demographic, are quite common these days on any social media ad DMP. On Weibo, there actually is a more exciting option: targeting audience/fans of your competitor’s. Experience suggests that targeting directly on the fan base of your competitors are more effective than general filters. This is proven by our past practices. The way you do it is to add a list of designated Weibo accounts, aka the competitors’ accounts, to your ad audience and your ad are guaranteed to reach those fans.

As you can probably see, you need to research your competitors’ accounts first to prepare such list.

Weibo Super Fans Tong Admin Backend

4, Weibo is a partner to Alibaba, a “stranger” to JD

To many people’s knowledge, Weibo and Wechat are two giants of social media, and JD and Tmall (along with Taobao) are the two largest e-commerce platforms. But not many people are aware that the two giants and two platforms align differently. Weibo has a close relationship with Alibaba and thus objecting JD links to a certain extent. If you’re running a JD shop, chances are your product showcase links to the shop might get blocked, and you will not be able to promote products through advertising with links to your shop. Running both shops on Tmall and JD at the same time can be a big investment, so you need to give further consideration on it once you’ve selected a major marketing place.



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