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Being launched in November 2017, Bear Paw Account (“熊掌号”) has been growing fast: It’s said that Baidu has distributed 30% of its search result share to this platform, and in 2020 it’s going to be 80%. Baidu is updating the algorithm to benefit Bear Paw even further. Yet still, quite a number of SEO professionals and digital marketers are having trouble getting the hang of it.

What is Bear Paw Account?

Baidu Bear Paw account is an account which connects webmasters, developers, shop owners, and we-media.

Benefits for SEO

Bear Paw as a new media brings many benefits in many facets: fans accumulation, multiple commercial channels etc. However, this post focus only on the benefits for Baidu SEO.

24-hour indexation

Indexation is an important metric in SEO work. Bear Paw backend provides an interface allowing webmaster (also the owner of the Bear Paw account) to initiative send page URLs. Baidu has released a 24-hour crawl, verify, and index rule for these sent pages.

To do this the webmaster has to attach the Bear Paw account with the website domain and pass the verification process. When uploading the URLs, the webmaster has to pay attention to the following:

1, There’s a daily quota for the number of URLs uploaded. A primary account allows 100 URLs per day.

2, Pay attention to the content quality for the web pages. Low-quality web pages which haven’t passed the indexation review are recorded to the account and will have negative effects on it.

3, Upload the URLs fast when the web pages are released because time is also a criterion in the review process

Originality protection

Letting high-quality content stand out is a goal of Bear Paw. For most SEO professionals, one of the most troublesome problems is lacking of protection for original posts. Your originated post might be copied and eventually help another website to rank ahead. Bear Paw’s original protection comes to cure. According to practice, original posts indeed can increase the overall traffic coming to the site.

The above picture shows a significant growth of organic traffic growth on mobile device comparing August to September. This is because we integrated Bear Paw into our SEO package at the end of August. PC traffic growth steadily means we’re not doing any other thing specially.

As we all know, the homepage on a site is of highest authority and receives the most traffic. However, by leveraging Bear Paw, we found that an original post can receive much more traffic and it’s getting close to the homepage. This also manifests the power of originality on Bear Paw.

Ever since launching, Bear Paw has been a product bearing great expectation from Baidu, and undoubtedly Baidu will step further to give more advantages (traffic, investment etc.) to this platform. Bear Paw is an unneglectable platform for any company who prepares to win on mobile search. Follow us on more SEO practices on Baidu Bear Paw.

Joy is Digital Account Manager in Jademond,. She writes about all subjects from China online marketing practices to the latest Chinese technology unicorns. Linkedin or Tweet with her to get the latest updates.

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