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Baidu has been criticized by international SEO community for its slow crawling and indexing websites that not hosted in China. Best practice like Sitemap.xml submission to Baidu Webmaster Tools sometimes doesn’t help much, particularly for those websites with more than 10,000 URLs. Here in below we introduce an alternative solution called API submission to improve […]

In September this year (2020), Kun Tang, the founder of Jademond, partnered with Marcus Pentzek, was interviewed by to talk about a guest post on China SEO: Link Building Feng Shui for SEO in China During the 70 minutes talk Kun and Marcus discussed some latest trend and practices of Baidu SEO, especially for […]

Two days ago Baidu made SEM people’ jaws drop on the floor. Baidu’s search pages only have 4 ad slots! What does it mean? There’re are no ads on the right side. On the left side, on the other hand, totally, there can be only 4 ad slots. And these 4 ad slots can be […]

A couple of weeks ago, we recommended to add Baidu internal site search on your website to achieve rich snippets on Baidu SERP. Recently Baidu Internal Search team released several new features to help webmasters to get more SEO benefits out of the tool. One of them is Internal Site Searched Keywords. How does Internal […]

Yesterday I posted that you can generate Rich Snippet view on Baidu SERP by submitting your site’s structured data to Baidu. However due to the complexity of technical execution and its never-ending Beta testing period (so far only invited Baidu Webmaster Tools member is granted with that feature), a large number of websites owner are looking […]

Baidu Webmaster Tools launched Structured Data Submission feature, the counterpart of Baidu in July 2013, which means to improve the user experience by offering rich snippet on Baidu SERP for websites that offer online data represented in ways other than HTML pages. The first 4 badge of data that it supports are Q&A, online […]

In order to better display the quality website, and give users a more intuitive search results, Baidu announced of launching the new Sitelink tool in beta. Site owners can submit their website to Baidu Webmaster Tools through which the subdomain and important directories as Sitelink. Baidu Sitelink Tool Highlights: 1. Number of URLs to be displayed: […]

Seven months ago, I posted a blog about the options of creating Free Mobile Site with Baidu Mobile Site Converter to convert the existing website. Not even a year, we’ve seen a lot of companies have dropped the free mobile site converter option and allocate budget on developing the real mobile site. However if they […]

There are more updates about Baidu Mobile SEO from Baidu Webmasters blog. SLXLM​​. This time is mainly to explain the best Baidu mobile SEO practice in terms of URL, onpage optimization, code and QA. Mobile Baidu SEO practice for URL setting From the user experience perspective, one URL per page (whether it’s for mobile or web […]