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Advertising in East Asia

A successful penetration strategy starts and ends with an advertising campaign. In East Asia, ads are essential to generate revenue and gain customers, since engaging in ads is a cultural phenomenon in the region.

Integrated Advertising

Built up your Brand omnichannel strategy in East Asia and integrate your advertising strategy to all of your channels I.E. Social Media, Search Engine, eCommerce, Website and EDM.  

Social Media Ads

More than 75% of internet users are engaged in social media. Place you Ads in Wechat, Weibo, Douyin etc. and penetrate the market faster, generate revenue and get more fans.

Web Advertisement

Display your ads across relevant East Asian media websites, search engines, APPs and other relevant Web Content pages.  We know the right partners which best suits your band.

Omnichannel Integration

Social Media Ads


Original Content 

“All successful brands, which managed to stablish themselves in East Asia, started their penetration strategy by advertising themselves in multiple channels. And slowly building an omnichannel integrating their advertising campaigns to all their networks.”


– Felipe Atkocius, Head of Marketing

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