Baidu SEO Myth I – Baidu Rank

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There are several myths about Baidu SEO. Baidu search engineer team often denies their existence or claim they don’t work, but the whole industry of Baidu SEO is working on them to improve their sites presence on Baidu. So from today, we are going to introduce them one by one, try to explain how they work and why Baidu denies them.
What is Baidu Rank?
The first Baidu SEO myth is called Baidu Rank and often considered an equivalence to Google Rank, often used by webmasters as one of the most important indicators to check Baidu SEO performance. Major China SEO tools like Aizhan and ChinaZ, online tools with similar function of SEMrush, provide Baidu Rank check. Usually the common sense is that the higher score of the Baidu Rank the website has, the better SEO performance it has on Baidu, i.e. the site is more authoritative, ranks higher on keywords queries and gain more organic traffic from Baidu Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
WhY Baidu Denies It?
However, Baidu search engineer Lee says there is no Baidu PageRank or Weight, and it’s not precise for Baidu to use one static score system to measure websites authority and influence, instead Baidu uses a variety of metrics in different situations and scores website in a dynamic way. It could be true too, as our observation shows that the same website was scored differently by the SEO tools on different days. This is quite different from Google PR, which is tend to be stable.
How does Baidu Rank work?
According to ChinaZ, its Baidu Rank is calculated basing on the number of organic traffic your site generate from Baidu SERP. If your site daily organic traffic from Baidu SERP is ranging from 1 to 99, then your Baid Rank is 1.  And the rule is listed below.
Your Site’s Baidu Rank            Your Site Daily Organic Traffic from Baidu SERP
2                                                     100 to 499
3                                                     500 to 999
4                                                    1000 to 4,999
5                                                    5,000 to 9,999
6                                                   10,000 to 49,999
7                                                   50,000 to 199,999
8                                                  200,000 to 999,999
9                                                  More than 1,000,000
However, ChinaZ’s traffic data of your website is not accurate, actually much smaller than your de-facto traffic, because it’s an estimation based on the number of site’s Baidu top 20 ranking with the Baidu popular terms (百度指数), usually keywords with more than 500 daily queries.  For site counting on the traffic from long tail keywords with less search volume, you may find the difference even bigger. Since the competition for the ranking those popular terms is quite fierce, and websites’ ranking changes quite often, it’s not surprise to see Baidu Rank score of your site goes up and down on different days.
Aizhan includes other factors in scoring system, such as domain history, hosting location, content freshness, even website validity, whether it has Baidu verification seal, etc. But due to the marginal ratio of those factors has on the algorithm, the Aizhan’s Baid Rank is not too much different from ChinaZ’s, volatility still the theme.
In a nutshell, Baidu Rank is different from Google PR, and its score changes dynamically, definitely not a perfect tool for measuring your China SEO efforts, but it is a reliable and easy-to-understand indicator of your site’s Baidu SEO health that you shouldn’t neglect.


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