Bilibili-A Gathering Place for Generation Z that Marketers Can’t Miss

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Talking about video platforms in China the first ones come into mind might be Youku, iQiyi and QQ video. However in recent years Bilibili is rising among Chinese users, surpassing Youku and iQiyi in terms of daily website visit. BiliBili is a highly concentrated ACG(Anime, comics and gaming)cultural community and video platform filled with Generation Z and now broader age groups in China. The website was created on June 26, 2009 and is lovingly called “B site” by its fans.

What Makes Bilibili Stand Out

Bilibili is a gathering place for Generation Z

The size of generation Z (populations born between 1995 and 2009) has reached 328 million, accounting for 23% of the global population. With the rapid integration of generation Z into the mainstream society, they will serve as the main consumers in all industries.

81.7% of Bilibili users are China’s Generation Z. Generation Z is a unique group, growing up as original “Netizen”, living with the birth and development of the Internet and has high demand of and high adaptability on Internet services and content. They have good material conditions; education levels are generally high, and they have a strong appetite for online entertainments and services and are more willing to pay for those services.

A Highly Engaged Social Community

Bilibili is more like a social community comparing to other video platforms. The most recognizable feature of Bilibili is its real-time overlaying subtitle system (also called Danmu system). It gives a feel that you’re watching videos with your friends, and chatting on it at the same time. This entitles high engagement rate of the content.

Bilibili succeeds to build a sticky community. Unlike mainstream social platforms (like Wechat, Weibo) with free entry, Bilibili requires a high level of commitment from its users. All active users have to pass an entrance examination to gain full membership, only with which the users can post Danmu. Unlike mainstream video platforms requiring users to pay membership fees, Bilibili encourages users to reward high quality content itself. In addition to normal “like” and “add to favorite” features, users can buy virtual tokens and spend them on supporting preferred video creators, which is called “casting coins”. 

The main force of content production is UP host. UP host is a nickname for the video contributors, deriving from “Uploader”. They provide 90% of PUGV content (Professional User Generated Video, video produced by professional users) on Bilibili. The rewarding system and the active user engagement inspires more UP hosts to continue to create better quality content. This ecosystem actively involves users, contributors (Up host), and the platform, making Bilibili a unique platform from social media and traditional video platforms.

How Bilibili benefits your brand

With the demand for consuming and sharing video content in China rising, many brands launched video channels in the past. Bilibili has grown to a big base of Generation Z. Its influence goes beyond original ACG and is expanding to covering all industries and verticals. Brands of beauty, FMCG, travel, food, and catering industries are gaining success on this platform.

Brand expectations for different platforms are actually different. For example, brand owners goes to Douyin and Weibo for brand exposure, and to Little Red Book for demand generation. Bilibili is regarded by some brand owners as video version of Little Red Book, launching campaigns on this platform to generate demand and gain potential sales.

Brands can measure the demand generation power of Bilibili from below aspects: onsite performance and traffic driving performance. Onsite performance includes content views, likes, coins and damu numbers. Traffic driving measurements include shares, short time e-shop UV (unique visitor) increase etc.

To sum up, Bilibili is a great platform for brands targeting young Chinese. We will dive deeper into this platform and introduce best practices to leverage this platform to achieve marketing success in a future post.

Joy is the Account Manager in Jademond,. She writes about all subjects from China online marketing practices to the latest Chinese technology unicorns.

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