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Why KOL is becoming more and more expensive?

KOLs, better known as Key Opinion Leaders, also as Wanghong in Chinese or Influencer in the west, are what consumers are gravitating towards in…
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WeChat Channel 101

For years, short video in China has been synonymous with two names: Douyin(the Chinese version of ByteDance’s TikTok), and Kuaishou(Tencent-backed app). But in this…
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Digital PR and KOL Marketing in China

Jademond MD, Kun Tang, was invited by Xplace (a Italy based digital marketing agency) to give a comprehensive introduction and share his insight…
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Jademond Founder on Live Interview on to Talk About China SEO

In September this year (2020), Kun Tang, the founder of Jademond, partnered with Marcus Pentzek, was interviewed by to talk about a…
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