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Baidu is Cleaning Up Its News Source Sites- Baidu Link Building Update

One of very important Baidu link building technique is to create articles and post on Baidu News Source Sites. Baidu’s crawler has been…
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Baidu Mobile SEO Measurement Tool – Feature and Application

On June 20th, 2014, Baidu Webmaster Tools announced its upgrade on the feature of keywords queries, with which webmasters can separate queries from…
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Baidu Mobile SEO Tips from Technical Perspective

There are some consensus reached about Google Mobile SEO best practice from the technical perspective, i.e. responsive design and same URL for both…
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2014 China Mobile Sites Trends Report by Baidu

On Jan. 21st 2015, Baidu released the 2014 China Mobile Sites Trends Report when it's hosting China Mobile Ecosystem Conference in Beijing. I…
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