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Baidu Tongji/Analytics VS. Google Analytics

Baidu Tongji launched in 2010, like its name indicates, (Tongji meaning counting or statistics), was considered a tool for monitoring visits instead of…
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Baidu SEO Myth II – Relevancy between Baidu Cache Recency and Baidu SEO Performance

The second Baidu SEO myth is Baidu Cache Recency. There are assumptions in Baidu SEO world that there is a correlation between Baidu…
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Baidu SEO Myth I – Baidu Rank

There are several myths about Baidu SEO. Baidu search engineer team often denies their existence or claim they don’t work, but the whole…
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Baidu is Cleaning Up Its News Source Sites- Baidu Link Building Update

One of very important Baidu link building technique is to create articles and post on Baidu News Source Sites. Baidu’s crawler has been…
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