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Baidu Mobile SEO Tips from Technical Perspective

There are some consensus reached about Google Mobile SEO best practice from the technical perspective, i.e. responsive design and same URL for both…
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2014 China Mobile Sites Trends Report by Baidu

On Jan. 21st 2015, Baidu released the 2014 China Mobile Sites Trends Report when it's hosting China Mobile Ecosystem Conference in Beijing. I…
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China Search Social Integration – Qihoo Search Includes Weibo Results

Search and social integration has been a hot topic for years, but its China chapter hasn't been really taken off, even Baidu did try…
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Baidu’s New Algorithm Means to Hit Paid Links

Baidu Anti-spam Team is catching up with Matt Cutts by releasing its Lv Luo algorithm update on Feb. 19th. Lv Luo is the…
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