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China Search Social Integration – Qihoo Search Includes Weibo Results

Search and social integration has been a hot topic for years, but its China chapter hasn't been really taken off, even Baidu did try…
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Baidu’s New Algorithm Means to Hit Paid Links

Baidu Anti-spam Team is catching up with Matt Cutts by releasing its Lv Luo algorithm update on Feb. 19th. Lv Luo is the…
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Baidu Analytics Separates Baidu PPC Traffic from Organic in One Click

Traffic from Baidu PPC has been considered a pain when using Google Analytics to track website performance. Most basic GA users treat Baidu…
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Baidu Webmaster Tools Include Competitor Link Discovery

When most SEO professionals plan to do competitive environment analysis for China SEO, one of the bigget hurdles they found is that there…
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