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Top 3 legal problems eCommerce Companies usually Encounter when Advertise in China

Foreign e-commerce companies face different regulations for online promotion outside China. There are many specific restrictions regarding online Marketing in China, as the…
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How to become a TMALL International TP Service Provider?

With the development of e-commerce, as more international brands choose to stand to Tmall International, since many business opportunities are coming, additional benefits…
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What is Kuaishou? Get to know China´s popular Short Video APP

Tiktok has become a global phenomenon by taking the market by storm with its innovative way of sharing short videos. However, in China,…
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How to Gain Free Traffic on JD and Tmall by Attending Shopping Festivals?

If you have read "How to start selling your product and setting up a suitable store in China?", by the time you are…
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China AI Article Main

Robots, A.I. and Feed Ads in China, how to optimize them?

Social media and news feed has become a common thing in many platforms. No matter if you are scrolling your timeline or searching…
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Why is Wechat Advertising so important for Brands?

Wechat Advertising has become one of the most used channels for Brands targeting Chinese consumers. How exactly does this channel can help you…
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Why is PPC advertising decentralized in China?

I believe you may use google as your main search engine and when you are looking for a specific brand or product you…
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Which type of KOL better fits your Brand in China?

When we plan Weibo Marketing campaigns, KOLs are an essential strategy to be considered. If you want to be successful in your Weibo…
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We Chat advertising

3 Things You Should Know About Wechat Moments Advertising

WeChat, with 750 million DAU, by no doubt is one of the mostly used mobile Apps among Chinese people. Therefore it is considered…
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Drop Shipping Blog Cover

How to drop ship and sell your products in China?

In countries where is available, brands are able to drop ship their products to the end customers and local retailers. This practice…
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How to promote your brand on Chinese livestream platforms?

Live-streaming is a hot topic in China’s social media marketing and considered one of the main channels where brands can advertise and activate…
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Top 5 Differences Between Naver PPC and Google Ads That You Should Know

Naver used to be the search engine that’s taking the most share of Korean search market.  Google’s share has been growing at a…
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Why KOL is becoming more and more expensive?

KOLs, better known as Key Opinion Leaders, also as Wanghong in Chinese or Influencer in the west, are what consumers are gravitating towards in…
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China Short Video Marketing’s New Challenger – WeChat Channel

For years, short video in China has been synonymous with two names: Douyin(the Chinese version of ByteDance’s TikTok), and Kuaishou(Tencent-backed app). But in this…
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Digital PR and KOL Marketing in China

Jademond MD, Kun Tang, was invited by Xplace (a Italy based digital marketing agency) to give a comprehensive introduction and share his insight…
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