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Zhihu Marketing from Jademond

Chinese Content Marketing On Zhihu? You Need To Get “Serious”

Zhihu, the Chinese version of Quora, is a popular online Q & A and social platform in China. By Sep. 2017, there have…
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A glimpse of Toutiao Ad, the China news aggregator’s commercial pack

Toutiao is growing to be the largest news aggregation app in China. By June 2017, Toutiao reached 178 million users(according to QuestMobile’s 2017…
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What you can do with Wechat Advertising

Wechat Advertising is becoming a more widely used channel for marketers targeting Chinese consumers. How exactly does this channel do to help accomplish…
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WeChat Mini Program is Piloting Location Based Ads

WeChat has been investing its Mini Program for a while. After 9 months efforts with large number of enterprise user for Mini Program…
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