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To celebrate the upcoming Chinese Lunar new year and strive for sales opportunities, various luxury brands have launched the Year of the Tiger limited edition designs and advertisements. The Bain & Company’s luxury research reports that the Chinese mainland’s share in the global market has almost doubled since 2019, reaching 60 billion euros by 2021. […]

In the past year of 2020, the number of chinese online shopping users had reached 710 million, and the total volume of e-commerce transactions reached 37.21 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.5%  when compared to 2019. The Chinese market can be compared to a cake, as it is being baked it grows generating more opportunities […]

When it comes to social e-commerce, the first thing that comes to Chinese people’s mind is WeiShang (WeChat Business), the people who sells goods to their friends in “Moments”. This interactive sales, which is in line with China’s deeply-rooted “human relationship culture” achieves great success in China. The rapid expansion of this group has brought […]

WeChat Mini-program has made many important updates, some of which definitely benefits the development of e-commerce mini-program, whether in promotion, SEO or operation!