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I believe you may use google as your main search engine and when you are looking for a specific brand or product you may receive results comprising product reviews and the product page on distinct storefronts. What I have just written seems pretty obvious, however have you ever imagined a situation where Google don’t want […]

Naver used to be the search engine that’s taking the most share of Korean search market.  Google’s share has been growing at a vast speed and StatCounter, shows that the market share of Google search has exceeded that of Naver search in recent years. But local Korean media AceCounter says the opposite that Naver still counts more […]

Baidu is a pioneer in China when it comes to AI research and development. It has an open platform portal with tech products like human portrait identification, voice identification etc. As a market leader of the local search engines, Baidu is also active in implementing and bringing in more advanced feature to paid search to […]

Toutiao is growing to be the largest news aggregation app in China. By June 2017, Toutiao reached 178 million users(according to QuestMobile’s 2017 Q2 Mobile Internet report), and over 120 million people in China spend more than an average of 76 minutes on it(more than that on Facebook or Snapchat by US people), making it […]

Baidu PPC is usually considered a performance marketing channel, not a branding channel, because its text link ad style can hardly convince consuming brand to invest this channel without place to visualize the brands. One option – Baidu Brand Zone, which costs from 100,000 RMB per month for covering your own brand terms, may not be deemed a good choice. In […]

Two days ago Baidu made SEM people’ jaws drop on the floor. Baidu’s search pages only have 4 ad slots! What does it mean? There’re are no ads on the right side. On the left side, on the other hand, totally, there can be only 4 ad slots. And these 4 ad slots can be […]

As we all know, in Google Adwords there are 3 types of keywords match, Broad, Phrase and Exact. So how differently does Baidu do keywords match type in Chinese, which is quite a different language, considering there is no space between Chinese character? The answer is that there are more difference than common. Keywords match types […]

Pains when there is no auto bidding Tool Most Baidu PPC advertisers, if not spending heavily, are usually operating their PPC accounts through Baidu Phoenix Nest, in which without automatic bidding tool you have to submit one bid for one match type of the target keyword. Because of that, you have to choose among bidding […]

 What is Lixianbao? Baidu Lixianbao (离线宝)is a simple to use call-to-action tool, which can be enabled on your website by adding JS code, then visitor will be able make free call-back service by putting their phone number into the application. Why to use Lixianbao? Chinese web users have a reputation of making phone call instead […]

Remarketing gives advertisers a second chance to convert their website visitors, which is a great tool for websites with decent amount of visitor or cookies. However smaller websites especially those of B2B companies may not find it worthwhile as their cookie base is too small to justify the setup cost for a separate campaign. What […]