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In recent months, a new pig has been herded through the content creation village under the name “AI Content”, sometimes also under the names Jasper, GPT3 or chatGPT. It’s about text content that is written by an Artificial Intelligence and almost looks like it was written by a human. Such AI systems have the capabilities […]

When it comes to social e-commerce, the first thing that comes to Chinese people’s mind is WeiShang (WeChat Business), the people who sells goods to their friends in “Moments”. This interactive sales, which is in line with China’s deeply-rooted “human relationship culture” achieves great success in China. The rapid expansion of this group has brought […]

Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book, RED) is an app that provides overseas shopping tips and allows its users to share experiences from their trips abroad. This year in May, Xiaohongshu just raised $300 million from Alibaba Group in its series D round. People began to compare Xiaohongshu with Weibo, who also receives funding from Alibaba Group. […]

Douyin, the equivalent of Tik Tok or, is a short video(less than 15secs) sharing app that’s growing rudely in China among youngsters and gradually among users of other ages. Since its launch in 2016, it now has grown into a platform of 150 million DAU and 300 million monthly active users. During 2017 Spring […]

Wechat Mini Program was brought to the public on Jan. 9th, 2017. Now it’s been one year past so it is high time we recap the development pace of this product and see how it’s doing, and more importantly, analyze what marketers can do with this product. Some milestones: 2017.01.09: Tencent launched Wechat Mini Program […]

Weibo, the China Twitter equivalent, undoubtedly is one of the largest social media. In the 1st quarter of 2017, Weibo claims the monthly active users reached 340 million, exceeding Twitter’s 328 million. No wonder when Weibo suspends some of its portals, heat discussion burst out. Why Weibo did this and how does this affect companies […]

Zhihu, the Chinese version of Quora, is a popular online Q & A and social platform in China. By Sep. 2017, there have been 100 million registered individual accounts on Zhihu. Its daily active users exceeds 26 million, making it a notable marketing channel in the eyes of online marketers’. On Sep. 20th, 2017, Zhihu […]

Though with its highly aggressive growth rate of users, Wechat has been criticized by marketer because as a social platform, Wechat doesn’t share its data, consequently no insights from consumer can be generated and actions can be taken. Therefore most of Wechat marketing at the moment are about Wechat content creation, generating more content viewerships […]

Baidu announced on Mar. 21st that due to its system upgrade in detecting news freshness it will close Baidu News Source database which has been running for more than a decade. This has huge impact in industries like online media, ePR, content marketing and link building. What is Baidu News Source? Baidu News Source has […]