How to use promotional instruments for increasing new shop’s credibility and shop’s rank?

When you open a brand-new Taobao shop, you might face these problems: no traffic, no clicks, can’t use price comparison sites , can’t participate in official opening activities,multiple criteria are not up to Taobao standards and so on. What can you do to improve this situation? How to make your buyers stay with you? Today we will take a detailed look at marketing instruments and its commonly used tool- coupons (a.k.a. red envelope 红包).

Investment is inevitable when you open a new shop, with coupons you only have to spend money after a customer buys your goods (amount of coupon money is deducted from the purchase amount).

There are 3 types: “sharing” coupons, “bookmark” coupons, “after-sales” coupons.

After you set up coupon options in your shop’s settings, Taobao’s main page will mention your promotional activity, a custom window will also be added.  You can set the coupon’s expiration date, amount of money that you will give to your customer, and a name for your promotional activity.

coupon promo 1

  1. “Sharing” coupons: a customer will get this type of coupon after he or she purchased an item at your store and left a comment and/ or rated your shop. This is an important tool to keep your shop’s rank going up. The coupon, of course, can’t be used in other shops.
  2.  “Bookmark coupons”: these coupons will go to customers that clicked the “bookmark the shop” button, in this way it’s easy to keep track of potential customers, and if you want to organize promotional events, customers that got your coupons will be the first ones to receive the news.
  3. “After- sales” coupon:  it means exactly what it says, a customer will get a discount coupon after he or she bought an item from your shop. Why give your customer a coupon after the purchase? Well, there’s always a possibility that the client will like what he or she bought and decides to come back. This “after-sales” coupon drastically increases the possibility itself. Customers get these coupons and they get a better impression of the shop, they might tell their friends about it, and that coupon may lead them to a secondary purchase!

Also there’s a fun “lottery” option, you can set a certain amount of money, let’s say ,from 5 to 15 RMB and a buyer can click on the coupon and receive a random sum.

Coupon system is a very helpful tool for keeping your customers satisfied, gaining their loyalty and leveling up your shop’s status.