Demystification of Douyin Social Commerce App – Douyin Box

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Demystification of Douyin Social Commerce App – Douyin Box

Douyin Box is the first independent e-commerce software launched by Douyin (the Chinese version of Tik Tok), which is positioned as a trend fashion e-commerce platform. As we all know, Douyin is a short video platform with very large traffic. Everyone is looking forward to the Douyin box’s performance and waiting for opportunities to enter the Douyin box.

ByteDance (the company behind Douyin, Douyin Box, and TikTok) places high expectations on the e-commerce business in Douyin. Although there is already Douyin Mall, an e-commerce within the original Douyin App (not launched to TikTok yet). However, ByteDance wants to create an App for e-commerce only. These are the reasons:

  • Douyin, former an entertainment content platform, is now gaining excessive amounts of commercial content, which will make some users in Douyin feel very uncomfortable. When watching videos, the fun content is interspersed with live broadcasts to sell products. Such a scenario is not a good user experience.
  • In order to separate the e-commerce business from the entertainment business, ByteDance developed Douyin box, to conduct a new round of exploration in an independent way.

Referring to the independent e-commerce app “Douyin box”, Douyin’s interest e-commerce marketing method will continue to be used in Douyin box.

  • The traditional mode of e-commerce is that users have a shopping demand, and then users will search for products on the e-commerce platform for this purpose. After Comparison of products, they will place an order. The algorithms learn which products you like and will push you many products of the same type to attract you to place more orders.
  • Interest e-commerce means that you obviously don’t have shopping needs, but in the process of watching Douyin, you are accidentally attracted by the goods in the short video and live broadcast, think that product looks good, and then place an order.

Obviously, interest e-commerce focuses on “customer interest”. The purpose is to find out the potential shopping needs of consumers, so that consumers can “feel shopping” in the process of watching Douyin videos. This made Douyin successfully stand out of the traditional e-commerce giants like JD.COM, Taobao and Pinduoduo, and developed a unique set of marketing methods.

In addition to retaining the characteristics of Douyin’s interest e-commerce, the Douyin Box focuses on young people’s fashionable style of play, which is similar to the youthfulness and tonality of the Dewu and Little Red Book.

  • Instead of selling products directly, there will be many talented people in Douyin Box to match the fashionable new products of the season. Attract the audience’s attention with overall aesthetics. Maybe consumers just want to buy a coat before entering Douyin’s box, but when they see the matching inside, they may place an order for the whole set.
  • The logo design of Douyin box is pretty modern as well. The combination of purple and white is bright and attractive. From the purple silhouette, it looks like a Rubik’s cube. While from the white silhouette, it looks like an animation avatar, which represents a new design era.

Douyin box mainly targets young people, which can reflect a group that businesses are competing for in recent years: the generation Z.

The Z generation refers to the younger generation born from 1995 to 2010.

Compared with the people born in the 1980s who value the practicality of products, the generation Z pays more attention to emotional satisfaction and pleasure in the process of consumption. Although the Z generation is very young, they have a strong consuming capacity. In 2021, the expenditure of the generation Z in China is 4 trillion RMB, and the expenditure of the Z generation accounts for 13% of the total household expenditure in China.

Obviously, Douyin box wants to use the influence of young people to promote the first independent e-commerce APP with a young trend. It is undoubtedly a great help to companies that want to have a foothold in the Chinese market.

  • The Z generation is more willing to accept new things than the post-80s generation. Many domestic and overseas brands are well-known through Douyin, and the Z generation is the main force.
  • Also, the Z generation has also led the development of the national side with a strong national identity. Among Chinese fashion apparel brands, the favorite brand of the Z generation is Li Ning, who recognizes a new brand and is a powerful promoter of national tide culture.
  • In addition, the Z generation is more willing to buy new products to try, which brings great possibilities for many overseas companies that want to enter the Chinese domestic market. 

Nowadays, there is a great demand for e-commerce in China, customers’ appetite for online shopping platforms is also diversified. Even if the established enterprises like Taobao and Tmall are still dominant, the development speed of e-commerce on streaming media platforms like Douyin is obvious to the naked eye.Although the Douyin box has just come out, it can be inferred that the Douyin box will also have great traffic in the near future.

As a result, now is a good opportunity for domestic and overseas brands to start the e-commerce journey in Douyin box. 

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