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Meltwater is a software as a service solution and the world’s first online media monitoring company. Jademond takes care of Meltwater China’s Baidu SEO, Baidu PPC advertising campaigns and maximize their ad ROI.

Digital Element is a global leader and industry pioneer in IP geolocation technology. Digital Element is the only IP geolocation provider certified by the Media Rating Council (MRC).

Beckman is one of the strongest manufacturers in the development and manufacture of equipment, reagents, and application software in the field of experimental medicine in the world.

Cloudflare is an American multinational technology company, specialized in website security management, performance optimization and related technical support. With the increasing demand of Chinese customer to website security, Cloudflare decided to reach this world largest market. Localization is the fist step. Jademond help localize the blog for Cloudflare by translating and optimizing the articles in […]

DAVI is the world largest manufacturer of heavy duty plate roll, heavy duty angle roll, high productivity lines and customized rolling machines.

LORD Corporation is a diversified technology and manufacturing company. The customer wants to use SEO to get natural search traffic and get more leads.

Creaform is the leading 3D scanner provider. It retains Jademond Digital to reach out those ambitious Chinese manufacturers by Baidu PPC.