Category: <span>Core members</span>

Iris serves as the liaison between the company and the client. She is good at addressing customers’ needs and maintaining strong relationships with them. She loves drinking milk tea and listening to k-pop music in her daily life. She also enjoys watching k-drama for a whole weekend!

Fengwei has many years practical experience in chain enterprises, financial companies and entity enterprises. She is familiar with accounting and cashier procedures, various settlement methods and relevant regulations of Banks.

Yuxing is the Account Executive in Jademond responsible for content marketing, writing blogs, whitepapers etc.; she has experience in customer service and supports project team to better communicate with Clients.

Shi He is good at tweet typesetting, copywriting and operation of Weibo and Taobao, and she has won multiple awards in advertising competitions.

Xiaofang has been engaged in network promotion for 10 years, proficient in SEM promotion, familiar with SEO promotion. She is agile in data and good at data analysis.

Kaki is Social Media Specialist of Jademond who is engaged in social media operations and demonstrated excellent business capabilities.

Locke is the Graphic Designer of Jademond. He has a lot of design experience and is skilled in using various design software.

Ken takes expertise in managing and optimizing social media PPC like Wechat Ad, Weibo Ad, Toutiao and LinkedIn Ad.

Yipeng is a SEO and SEM project specialist at Jademond. He takes projects of B2B industries. He has good communication skills with customers.

Bailin is a programmer in Jademond who undertake IT projects like website development, Wechat Mini Program development and the like.