Category: <span>SEO</span>

Mr. Qing is the Head of Search at Jademond Digital. He oversees all SEO and PPC strategies for our clients.

He eats cookies for breakfast and drinks coffee and link juice all day. His blood is data, his bones are information architecture, and his muscles are content. Whenever he’s not thinking about SEO (which is rare), Marcus plays Magic the Gathering with his son.

Yipeng is a SEO and SEM project specialist at Jademond. He takes projects of B2B industries. He has good communication skills with customers.

He loves Chinese and Korean pop music and is particularly fond of singers Joker Xue and IU (Lee Ji Eun). During breaks, he plays mobile games like Genshin Impact and Honor of Kings – just to relax his mind, but not to win the game.

He manages the onsite and offsite optimization of Chinese SEO projects. After work, he likes to listen to music and watch movies. Horror movies and comedies are his favorites, as the former catches his attention and comedies can relax him.

Shulan is in charge of our SEO projects for the Chinese market. She loves watching the food channel and cooking meals for her family. How sweet she is!

Qingya manages Jademond´s Thai projects being responsible by all of its aspects. He loves fishing and have been traveling to different fishing spots in Asia searching for the big fish.

Strategic and with a tactical mindset, Guanzhu is a fan of Chinese chess (象棋). His expertise resides on off-website SEO, such as: link building, search engine content marketing and other related projects.

A quiet and nice Chinese SEO specialist. She likes to drink coffee and enjoy music at the same time. Her favorite music genres are diverse, not only K-pop, but also classical and Chinese pop music. On weekends, she likes to cook delicious dinners with friends to improve her cooking skills and maintain friendships.

Tiffany is a senior SEO and SEM project specialist at Jademond. She’s a dedicated speicliast with rich expierence in B2B industries.