How to Advertise on Weibo?

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As what we talk in the last blog post Steps to Set Up a Weibo Verified Account, Weibo is the second biggest social media in China. Weibo Marketing is essential for foreign companies to boost their presence in China so as to build and expand potential customers base and brand reputation. 

Weibo advertising is one of the most effective way to promote your brand and products. However, advertising on Weibo is complicated due to its various ad options and functions. Consequently, this post will explain the two basic types of ads on Weibo going though its launch settings and functions. It may help you have a basic understanding about Weibo and make a decision about which kind of Weibo ads suit to your needs.

  • Weibo Fans Headline

1)What is Weibo Fans Headline and its feature?

Advertising is the easiest but effective. It can promote your account or the content you posted on Weibo directly. What’s more, the promotion effectiveness is quick and efficient. And you can get a very detailed data analysis report from Weibo data center, which shows a number of impression, engagements, key promotion characters and so on. 

As its name “Headline”, this type of ads is always shown on the top of users’ home pages when they open their Weibo and haven’t refreshed their homepage yet.

2)How to set up Weibo Fans Headline ads?

Ordinary Weibo account can do Weibo Fans Headline advertising.

After entering into the Weibo Fans Headline page, you can see promotion settings below:

You can choose whether to promote to your fans, what kind of people will reach your promotion by using the interest tags. That makes your promotion more target and cost-effective.

What’s more, you can promote to similar account’s fans as yours. No doubt, choose those KOLs, who have a large quantity of real related fans. It’s a great way to attract traffic and enhance conversion.

But, with Weibo Fans Headline, your ads just can be promoted no more than 48 hours.

  • Weibo Super Fans Tong(微博超级粉丝通)

1)What is Weibo Super Fans Tong and its features?

Weibo Super Fans Tong is an advertising platform base on Weibo massive users’ data, widely distributing your promotion to fans and target potential fans.

According to user’s attribute and his social network relationship, it precisely pushes your promotion information to high-potential target users.

Meanwhile, Weibo Fans Tong has Weibo’s all functions, including retweet, comment, like and so on.

2)How to set up Weibo Super Fans Tong?

First of all, you should have a Weibo Verified Account. Weibo Fans Tong just opens to Weibo Verified Account.

If you have been a Weibo Verified Account, see below:

  • Difference between Weibo Super Fans Tong and Weibo Fans Headline

1)Target Audiences:

From the description above, you can find out the most significant difference between Weibo Super Fans Tong and Weibo Fans Headline is the target audience provide from these two.

Weibo Fans Headline aim to promote your posts and ads to your existing followers and the followers or the users related to your existing followers, who don’t follow you yet but might be your potential followers.

Weibo Super Fans Tong target a much larger group of Weibo users. It bases on the whole Weibo’s users. Weibo Super Fans Tong is for specific and detailed way to promote your ads, posts or accounts on Weibo.

2) Accessibility

Ordinary Weibo account can do Weibo Fans Headline advertising while Weibo Super Fans Tong can only be used by Verified Weibo account. Apply for a Verified Weibo account is not easy, more detail can be seen in our last content.

3) Ads format

Weibo Super Fans Tong can promote certain specific Weibo post and the account; while Weibo Fans Headline can only promote individual Weibo post.

Ads on Weibo Fans Headline shown on user’s page headline while on Super Fans Tong would be Shown on anywhere, in the form of Weibo recommendation, usually on mid-page.

Generally, for a newly established Weibo account, using both Weibo Fans Headline and Weibo Super Fans Tong would be more effective. One for attracting new fans and another for boosting activity for your account.

Well, it seems not so difficult to advertise on Weibo, but, quantities of people or enterprises suffer a setback on Weibo advertising can approve this kind of thought is wrong. You indeed need a China Based Weibo Ad Agency who knows Weibo advertising well to help you win you Weibo advertising campaign. An experienced agency can provide you with a complete and cost-effective solution for your Weibo advertising also a constructive feedback report.


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