How to sell on Tik Tok or Douyin – Create your Shop 101

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With the development of mobile phones, more and more people choose to spend their time watching livestreaming videos in their free time. Web traffic means huge business opportunities, how can you achieve such traffic? A Tik Tok online store is a great choice and we will show how you can open your shop.


1 – Visit the inbound station


Open the dashboard in your desktop, the registered new merchant number + verification code will be registered after logging in. You can also choose to use the voice authentication, main account, etc. to log in.


【Note: Only log in to your own shake number to bind the store and shake number



2 – Fill your Information


  • fill in the main type


According to the corresponding main business type, note that the type cannot be modified once it is selected, it is necessary to select the option that meets the requirements, therefore a personal ID card cannot be used.


If you choose cross-border e-commerce, you need to fill in the “Global Purchase Travel Capability Enterprises” form. After the submission is approved you may follow the steps below.

Provide the following information as required:


(1) Overseas main information (registration certificate);

(2) Overseas authorization information (signed authorization, authorized person ID card);

(3) Overseas company certification information (overseas bank account certificate or bank statement and translation);

(4) Domestic company information (business license);

(5) Information on legal representatives (legal representative ID card);

(6) Domestic qualification information (entrustment cooperation statement, customs registration certificate or filing receipt, customs credit information publicity platform screenshot).

After the the form is filled, click [Next] to enter the store information form page.

Fill in the main content information in accordance with the system prompts, including: business documents, operators / legal representative information, individual industrial and commercial households need to provide operator information, provide legal representative information, pay attention, in the uploading materials At the time, you need to provide a copy of the operating license of the three certificates of the business license or a copy of the business license of the company’s official seal. All documents must be issued no more than 3 months.


  • Store Information


Choose the main category:


  • This field only supports the drop-down box selection, does not support input; category can be multi-selection, and support modification after completion.
  • The deposit will be displayed under the category (when operating multiple categories, only the maximum amount of the single category).
  • If you do not determine the level of class, you can go to the “ – Business Settlement” page, click [Select Category], enter keywords, and the system will automatically recommend reference category.


Store Name:


The store name suggests that the same name as the shake number, which is convenient for fans to identify it.


  • Waiting for review


After the information is completed, click on the submission audit, which may be completed within 1 ~ 3 working days, etc.


3 – Verify your Account


After the approval, you will enter the account verification interface directly, and there are currently two types of verification: real-name authentication, payment verification.

  • Real-name authentication: Fill in the bank card number under the operator / legal personal name, enter the registered mobile phone number + verification code.
  • Certification: Fill in the company’s public bank card number, the bank, account opening branch, account opening branch name.


By following the steps above your Douyin store may be approved in about 2 weeks. Considering the filling process and set up time. We wish you success!

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