Meet the Team

We love our team and appreciate all the efforts they have put in the projects Jademond have been carrying on. So, take a peek and know more about each person who helps us be a reference in digital marketing!

Kun Tang
Managing Director

Jademond´s founder! Nice guy and warm heart (he doesn´t know we think like that about him). As the company grows he loses his hair!

Levana (Siyong Lau)
Head of Social Media

She leads our Social media team! She also loves hot pot and playing mahjong (though she's bad at it). Ps. She has the warmest smile in the office!

Mustang Chung
I.T. Director

He writes elegant codes to meet our client's expectations and nails web and mini-program development! Funny and optimistic, he always surprise us at the office with something new. Mustang is a kart racing driver and Nintendo Switch lover! Ps. he never wears plain shirts.

Joy Gao
Account Manager
When you need to know how your project is going, she will be there for you! She claims she likes reading, but is often seem playing video-games in the office.
Qing He
Head of SEM

Technical, data driven and organized. Qing He manages all big data, SEO and other related campaigns. He plays games on his free time (Joy believes he plays way too much), best FPS player in the office!

Locke Chen
Graphic Designer
Master of everything visual, he makes sure the quality of our aesthetics is great. He also plays online games in the office, so his wife doesn´t know about it!
Jiayi He
Graphic Designer
She is creative and likes everything that is cute. She is often taking photos outside to share it on her social media and has a powerful voice, best singer in the office!
Yuxing Liang
Account Executive
She takes care of our clients by following up their projects. During our team building activities she can´t see a ping pong table, she will be there for the whole evening!
Iris Cai
Account Executive
Iris serves as the liaison between the company and the client. She is good at addressing customers' needs and maintaining strong relationships with them. She loves drinking milk tea and listening to k-pop music in her daily life. She also enjoys watching k-drama for a whole weekend!
Fengwei Li
Admin Manager
She keeps our offices running and also pays our salary. She also has amazing skills on cutting birthday cakes and taking photos of the office parties!
Vincent Leung
Social Media Ads Manager

He is our social media ads sorcerer who is mastered in everything social! Often seem playing League of Legends and watching videos about it, Vincent claims LoL makes him more creative (maybe it refills his mana).

Peiwen Peng
Social Media Coordinator

She coordinates several social media projects by making sure everything is done in time! She likes drawing and photograph. Recently she started to do her own designs (She is Locke´s protégée).

Kaki Lian
Education Brand Strategist

Text editing and food wizard responsible implementing several social media projects. She likes watching movies and traveling. She is now in a never-ending quest to taste the cuisines from all over the world!

Shi He
Fashion Brand Strategist

She is boss on fashion and beauty brands (also dress awesomely fashion in the office), thus knows well what girls need and want to read. She's always the first one to know the hot topics on Chinese social media!

Zilan Yin
Furniture Brand Strategist

Our luxury furniture engineer, who's working on several projects for British and Italian furniture brands. She loves food, games and reading! And is also skilled in preparing cocktails ;)

Zijing Zeng
Maternal Care and Kids Content Producer

The youngest lady in the office and talented copywriter with impressive logical skills. She has a cheerful personality and is often seem playing video-games with Joy Gao, she is also into everything new.

Yuyan Lai
Food and Berverage Brand Strategist

She is responsible (actually she isn´t!! But she does it!) for storing, maintaining and sorting our office´s snack stash, as well as serving it to the all colleagues.  Yuyan is in charge of our Cross-border E-commerce food projects! (We haven´t had any snack shortage since she joined the team)

Meilam He
Luxury Product Marketing Analyst

Classy, stylish and cute, she's in charge of luxury jewelry/accessories social media marketing and e-commerce management. She is always watching Korean shows and either smiling or crying (from the sad stories) in the office.

Yuhan Wang
E-commerce Specialist

Funny guy (so many jokes), who is focused in our e-commerce marketing projects, has years of sales experience and knows how to explore the user´s needs. Eats tons of pasta and hot pot,  later, is exercising and complaining on how hard is it to keep fit.

Ancheng Ou
Tech Content Producer

Day and night, he practiced his mahjong skills... And now, he has become a living Mahjong legend! Are you ready to face him in a match to the end?! We´ll see!!!! By the way... he creates our tech and internet content... 

Jiaheng Li
Social Media Specialist

A thinker in Social Marketing team and producer of creative content. She loves producing videos and writing content. Her WeChat Moments is full of interesting things and is the most interesting one!

Tama Guan
Japanese SEO/SEM

Tama is in charge of our SEM and SEO projects for the Japanese market. Sometimes watching some dorama or having fun with her favorite MMORPG, she enjoys her time with the best from Japan. 

Chunfeng Cen
Chinese SEM

Our SEM specialist, Chunfeng is responsible for optimizing our projects which targets the Chinese market. Her expertise lies in feed advertising optimization. She has no special hobby.

Tiffany Lu
Senior SEM Specialist

She used to love cash, now she is into digital money, so you can send her a red packet in We Chat anytime! Tiffany often receives compliments from our clients, because her SEM results are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

Leo Ling
Biotech SEO/SEM

As our Biotech SEO/SEM specialist, Leo loves technology, sci-fi, cyberpunk and futurist themes. He is an avid reader and also likes to listen to electronic music while creating content.

Tammy Tan
Korean SEO/SEM

She loves Korean culture and lived for a long time in Seoul. Tammy is responsible for our Korean projects and is a master in Naver and Google Korea. 

Shao Kai Liu
Senior SEM Specialist

He is responsible for our key SEM projects. Specialized in both, domestic and overseas search engines, he is one of the most experienced members in his team. He likes playing football and swimming on weekend, meanwhile in the office he enjoys reading comic books.

Hudie Ding
Vietnamese SEM/SEO

She is from Vietnam and is in charge of our Vietnamese projects. Hudie also presented some of the best Vietnamese cuisine to us and we all love it!

Guanzhu Qiu
SEO Specialist

Strategic and with a tactical mindset, Guanzhu is a fan of Chinese chess (象棋). His expertise resides on off-website SEO, such as: link building, search engine content marketing and other related projects.

Xiaofang Chen
SEO/SEM Specialist

As Xiaofang is fit, loves swimming and dancing, she is hard working often seen during the later hours in the office. According to the girls, she always dresses beautifully and it is considered an inspiration to them.

Jianye Chen
SEO Analyst

Ken is the SEO expert in Jademond and executes all the key SEO projects within the company. He likes spending time playing his PS 5 qnd always order delicious food for lunch, it actually makes him feel delighted.

Qingya Hu

Qingya manages Jademond´s Thai projects being responsible by all of its aspects. He loves fishing and have been traveling to different fishing spots in Asia searching for the big fish.

Bailin Chen
Front-end Developer

He is our front-end developer and an outgoing I.T. boy, and also likes to read novels, watch videos and climb mountains. He spends at least one hour on learning specialized knowledge everyday, in order to ensure he's keeping in step with the internet world.

Chao Xu
Storefront Manager (Tmall / Taobao))

Chao likes music and enjoys playing pop rock songs on his guitar. He manages our client´s storefronts on Alibaba´s platforms. He is a team player as his favorite Diablo II character is the necromancer, so raising his own undead teammates and working with them is not an issue.

Shi Chen
PPC Specialist

Chen loves pencil painting and is used to draw fantasy characters. He also takes care of several PPC projects to the Chinese market and loves collecting information on the internet. At home, he is a cooker and enjoys preparing new dishes and trying new recipes.

Frank Feng
Social Media Ads Specialist

Frank is responsible for Social media ad projects, He likes watching movies, playing football, and playing games in his spare time. He also enjoys listening to music and has good earphone equipment with him as well! He often shares his new earphone with Joy Gao.

Yuqin Feng
E-commerce Specialist

Yuqin enjoy having delicious food, especially hot pot and barbecue. She is a big fan of barbecue and hot pot!! She also has rich experience in e-commerce marketing and knows how to tap selling points.

Xiaolu Xie
Photographer and Video Editor

Xiao Lu loves to murder mystery games, that is why we call her Detective Lu as she is always searching for clues and patterns where nobody else can see them. She loves eating hotpot and exploring the city to discover new places and experiences. Ps: She produces our videos and takes photos for our projects. 

Shulan Wang
SEO Specialist

Shulan is in charge of our SEO projects for the Chinese market. She loves watching the food channel and cooking meals for her family. How sweet she is!

Kammy Luo
Account Manager

She serves as a coordinator between clients and project members. She likes reading, especially books about history and philosophy. Sport is also a must for her, so She regularly takes a walk and sometimes flies frisbee.

Tony Zhou
Account Manager

Tony is responsible for the project follow-up, meet & exceed customer expectations. Also, he is a console games enthusiast as well. You can have a duel with him in the game!

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