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Naver is the world's fifth largest search engine website and the largest search engine and portal website in Korea.

In it's SERP there is a lot of UGC (user generated content) from its own services like Naver Blog (comparable to Medium), Naver Cafe (Facebook Group or subreddit) and Naver Q&A (Quora).


There are no websites ranking high organically in Naver SERP. For your Korean digital marketing strategy, it is important to also use Naver Blog, Cafe, Q&A, etc.

As we all know for English or other languages you can use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords. Naver also has a keyword tool. Compared to Google Keyword Planner, Naver keyword tool usually generates more relevant and related keywords.


It also has the most basic functions and data like keyword input, monthly searches (desktop and mobile), average monthly clicks (desktop and mobile), average monthly click through rate (desktop and mobile) and competition.

Our agency is built for results, conversion tracking, optimizing ROI / ROAS and lowering CPA. When conducting Naver PPC, we will formulate the most suitable marketing strategy for customers according to their target groups and the maximum display effect. Ad type will cover Naver ads, Board ads (display), Brand Search ads, Keyword ads, Blog ads, Shopping ads. The fees are 100% transparent, you always know exactly how much is going towards AdWords advertising. Also you will know the KPIs of your campaign driven by data in the form of regular reports. 


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