Options to set up WeChat Official Account for brands without China presence


Want to launch your Chinese social media marketing on WeChat but don’t know how to set up a WeChat Official Account or which kinds to choose? And what’s the difference among them? Which one is the most suitable for you? Set up a proper Official Account, start your successful WeChat Marketing.

  • Two ways to set up an Official Account

1. A Personal Official Account without certification


1)A commonly used mailbox which haven’t registered an Official Account before.

2)Photos of an ID card and the man himself (the operator) take the ID card and the operator’s WeChat account to scan the QR code.

3)A commonly used contact phone number which used to receive the verification code.

4)Name of your Account, cannot be the same with other accounts and limited within 3~30 characters.

5)Description of your account within 280 characters.

2.A Corporate Official Account with certification


1)All above and more below.

2)Business license scanning copy of your cooperative partner in China. Pay attention, you cannot register a corporate Official Account with your own business license.

Please note that, the Personal Official Account may use your company’s, brand’s or products’ name but cannot get certification from Tencent. The Corporate Official Account can get certification from Tencent, but cannot use your company’s or brand’s name, or it would not pass verification.

  • Difference between Personal Official Account and Corporate Official Account

Corporate Official Account can upgrade to Certificated Account and Service Account directly but the Personal Official Account cannot.

  • Difference between Certificated Account and Non-Certificated Account

A Certificated Account can do the following thins but Non-Certificated Account cannot:

  1. Your account will rank on top when people research related content or accounts;
  2. Apply for an advertiser and launch ads for your account and get data feedback anytime;
  3. Add external links into your content directly;
  4. A certificated logo;
  5. Your account name is single one, others cannot use;
  6. Pay or receive money online;
  • Difference among Subscription Account, Service Account and mini program

  1. Subscription Accounts are used by individuals and companies to deliver general contents to attract traffic. Most foreign company would like to choose this one to launch their WeChat Marketing.
  2. Service Accounts can deliver contents to fans forth a month while Subscription Accounts can deliver contents to fans every day. Service Accounts are more likely to provide customized services to users.
  3. Mini program aimed at provide service for users, has no article deliveries. It’s a lightweight version of Officials Accounts and APPs. All Official Accounts can apply for a mini program.

Which one to choose depends on what kinds of things you want to do with your potential customers and what do you want to get from your customers. If you want to broadcast your brand or your products, a Subscription Account is more valuable. If you have had a customer base and aim at providing customized service for them and customer relationship maintenance, a Service Account will make sense.

Contact us and give you the best solution according to your need to win WeChat Marketing, win traffic but more than traffic!

Siyong is a self-starter. She began her career in Jademond as an intern assisting on Chinese content creator. Now her expertise crosses in content marketing, social media marketing and SEO. Her passion in digital marketing makes a quick learner and strong goal achiever.

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