PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) is the leading 3D CAD, PDM software provider. It’s been in China since 1990’s, growing fast along with Chinese manufacturing sectors. Starting from 2010, the era of industry 4.0 revolution, PTC China is shifting from traditional software licensing model to SaaS model as the number of industrial/product designers here are growing quickly.

PTC trusts Jademond Digital to expand their customer base with Baidu PPC and remarketing.

By auditing the PPC account and campaign, Jademond found out the issue of low Baidu Quality Score. Through re-planning of budget pacing and restructuring the campaign, Jademond manages to improves the QS by 60%, and consequently reduces the CPC by 33% and cost per lead by 56%. With the optimization of landing pages, we shall see more positive results to come.

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