Robots, A.I. and Feed Ads in China, how to optimize them?

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Social media and news feed has become a common thing in many platforms. No matter if you are scrolling your timeline or searching for something ads will be shown to you considering your consuming and personal profile.

Born and developed together with social platforms, feed ads differ from search ads, once you can expose your ads to an active social media audience rather than wait passively for audience searches. In terms of targeting, feed ads allow advertisers to select audience features including geolocation, demographics, interests etc, which is shared by all domestic and overseas feed ads platforms. However, some domestic platforms manage to go further and provide more precise targeting options.


Social Listening and Search Data on Wechat Feed Ads  Audience Targeting


WeChat has become the primary communication app of nearly everyone in China by being part of people´s communication in daily life and work. In terms of Interest and Behavioral targeting, Wechat advertising supports customized keyword setting instead of traditional preset.

In fact, this is not exclusive to Wechat, since many other platforms allow keyword targeting as well. However, it’s known that Wechat ads outperform other platforms because it is backed by more reliable data and due to the fact that Wechat is more than a social media platform. The app also has powerful functions such as Wechat Search, Wechat Pay and Wechat Mini Programs, which provide it with real ecommerce transactions and search query data.


Baidu Feed Ads is Great for Re-Marketing Strategies 


Baidu Feed ads is characterized by its powerful search big data. If you know how to choose and set up “intention words”, the effect is great. However, due to the development of Toutiao and WeChat in recent years, a large amount of Baidu mobile traffic has been taken by those platforms. Nonetheless, Baidu Feed remains as a worth trying platform.

Baidu Feed ad is more competitive in keyword targeting. There’s a large number of intention keywords available in Baidu’s database. The screenshot below shows an example:

Moreover, Baidu Feed ads also stands out by its re-marketing feature. It traces and identify the users who have been converted, so when you create a remarketing campaign, you can exclude the converted group.

Also backed up by powerful database, Baidu offers a wide range of recommended audience pack focused in different verticals, provided by its “Compass” product.

To improve the lead generation quality and avoid bots to submit forms, Baidu Feed restricts submissions by the same ip or phone number. This function effectively prevents bots from repeatedly submitting the form multiple times in order to generate results and drain your campaign budget. The options are multi-selectable; you can choose mobile number + ip, mobile number + device, a single-choice and all the three options. And you can set the number of submissions allowed within a period of time, for example: 1 submission within 15 minutes or only 1 submission is allowed per hour.


Toutiao’s AI algorithm Increases its Targeting Precision


At present, Bytedance´s App system (Toutiao, Douyin etc.) user base is growing day by day. Differently from social media platforms, Touitiao accumulates information by adopting A.I. big data technology. The algorithm increases the precision in audience’s behavior and interest data.



Toutiao feed ads support customized audience packs. You can use this feature to customize the audience based on your own industry niche. For example: in the F&B industry, if we only want to find people whom like alcohol and tea, we can find individuals with this characteristics in the audience pool and gather it together. However, If you are looking for people who like alcohol but don’t like tea, exclude those who like tea. You can also target people who only like alcohol or tea, and combine the two groups. Different collocation and combination methods can find different groups of people.


In addition, this feature can also be used for remarketing or checking converted audiences. Remarketing can help targeting people who have seen your ads and clicked on it but was not successfully converted. Then, you can display a brand-new landing page to this target and see if you can convert them. For the converted people, if there is an iterative update on the product, the converted audience can also be remarketed. If there are different landing pages for similar products, you can exclude the people who have been converted to avoid duplication.



Conversion-based oCPM Mode Enhance Targeting Precision


 To further enhance targeting precision and offers better ad performance, all feed ads platform adopts oCPM or oCPC mode.

What are oCPC and oCPM? They are short for optimized Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Mile (CPM). This hybrid mode allows an advertiser to set max bids based on their desired campaign outcomes. There are two phases/stages in this mode, at first the campaign is set up and the system collects its results, later in the second phase the AI offers a set of optimized audiences in order to refine and improve the campaign results.

Its advantages resides in the system’s intelligent model statistics optimization, once the better converting audience is counted, fact which makes the resulting audience more accurate. Based on it if the CPA charged the after promotion is higher than your bid, the system will compensate the account for the difference.

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