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eCommerce Management for China

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– Kun Tang, Managing Director

Research and Strategy

Before you start selling products in China, you should prepare for the market's many challenges. For example, your product may not be safe for Chinese consumers if it is counterfeited. Therefore, you should be prepared to deal with these challenges. In addition to preparing for the local market, you should develop a practical E-commerce strategy. This strategy must take into account various factors such as competitiveness, regulations, logistics, and Chinese content guidelines. Only then can you be sure that your sales will be profitable in China. Let us help you!

Storefront Setup

We are not only native Chinese ecommerce experts, we also know how to design your store fronts on Taoboa, Tmall and JD for best UX and UI for the Chinese market. Let us help you!

 Marketing and Sales

The shopping platforms offer a variety of marketing tools, but you also need to understand how to use them. When to offer a discount already in the store, when to offer a free gift, when to color your products in pink or in red. We are experienced in helping many western businesses to do marketing for their Chinese ecommerce platform stores.

 Digital Marketing made Easier

Make your brand available in China. Have your store setup on the most important online shopping platforms, like Jingdong, Taobao and Tmall. Have a Chinese website to represent your business and to offer exclusive products that can only be found there. Be active on Social Media and pick the right KOLs to support your products.

Store Management

We provide eCommerce authority on TMALL, Taobao, and help you to manage and sell your products online.


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