Lazada eCommerce Management (Indonesia)

“The Indonesian audience is special and demanding. You need to know how to deal with the Asian culture to be successful.”


– Kun Tang, Managing Director

Lazada is the leading eCommerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia. With over 560 million consumers, Lazada is a great place to start expanding into the SEA region. By accepting payments from foreign customers, Payoneer allows merchants to save conversion costs. It also provides a platform for cross-border payments with local currency. This helps them stay competitive and reduce the costs of international shipping.

Research and Strategy

We plan and implement your eCommerce strategy in Indonesia. The biggest challenge is adjusting to the needs of Indonesian customers.

Storefront Setup

The Indonesian culture and expectations are completely different from Europe and the US. From UI/UX/Coding to utilizing the lazed store builder ... we know what and how to do it!

 Marketing and Sales

Integrate your storefront with Google SEO and Google Ads. That's the classical way for marketing your store. But Lazada also offers an own Marketing Solution Package, and a Business Advisor, which we know how to interpret and utilize for your success.

 Digital Marketing made Easier

Make your brand available in Indonesia. We help retailers to create a brand identity and differentiate their products.

Store Management

The management of you Lazada store in Indonesia is professionally managed, service requests taken and answered, orders handled and processed.


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Tracking & Reporting Parameters

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