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Pay Per Click (PPC Marketing) Agency

Make your brand visible in East Asian search engines and websites through pay per click (PPC) campaigns, and generate an impact by targeting the right audience. Promote your website or storefront and be able to sell your products and generate traffic.

eCommerce PPC

Every eCommerce platform has its own PPC system. Be able to promote your products on Taobao, TMALL, Shopee, Lazada, and others. Appear on the top search results in your category and generate more revenue.

Social Media PPC

Start your campaign on the most relevant social media platforms in East Asia. Promote you online Shop/Website on Wechat, Weibo, Douyin etc, and reach customer according to their interests and engagement in  your brand.

“A PPC campaign is necessary to any Online Marketing Strategy, once fast and effective ad placement is required from any brand which wants to penetrate the East Asian Market. The customers are all online, looking for goods on their phones and waiting for someone to show them what to buy. It is up to you to place your ad to the right targets and start selling.”

- Fan Gao, Senior Account Manager


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A China PPC Marketing Agency (like Jadegital by Jademond) can be a valuable addition to your company's online marketing strategy. Our experts understand Chinese audiences and can target relevant keywords for maximum results. The team also works closely with your in-house team to ensure the best bid optimizations and ongoing communication. With our expertise and local market knowledge, you can count on us for the most effective paid search strategy for your business.

As an South East Asian PPC service provider we offer many benefits, including: comprehensive Asian / Chinese keyword research and performance optimization strategies, seasonal campaign calendar, Baidu account setup, Chinese (and other Asian languages) ads copywriting service, and regular reporting - tailored to your needs. We can also handle other aspects of your campaign, such as audience data management and cookie-based segmentation. A Chinese PPC Marketing Agency is a great partner for your business's online success.

As the most popular search engine in China, Baidu is a great place to start. It will allow you to rank highly on competitive terms and phrases. Moreover, it will position your brand in the Middle Kingdom. It can be difficult to set up a Baidu PPC account, but as a China PPC Marketing Agency we will take care of everything for you.

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