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Our agency is built for results, conversion tracking, optimizing ROI / ROAS and lowering CPA. When conducting Baidu PPC, we will formulate the most suitable marketing strategy for customers according to their target groups and the maximum display effect. Ad type will cover Baidu ads, Board ads (display), Brand Search ads, Keyword ads, Blog ads, Shopping ads. The fees are 100% transparent, you always know exactly how much is going towards Baidu advertising. Also you will know the KPIs of your campaign driven by data in the form of regular reports. 


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If you're looking to expand your brand's presence on the Chinese Internet, consider the advantages of us as your Baidu PPC agency. While Baidu is the leading search engine in China, Sogou and Qihoo 360search are often a cheaper choice for smaller brands or niche markets. With our extensive experience in the Chinese Search Ads field, we can help you make the most of your Chinese-language presence. While you can hire any Baidu PPC agency to manage your campaign, it's best to choose one that's registered with the local government - like Jadegital by Jademond Digital.

The first step to successful advertising on Baidu is finding the right keywords. As the Chinese market is highly competitive, it is important to understand the trends and preferences of the local consumers before launching your campaign on Baidu. You can use Baidu's advanced technology to target specific demographics. The resulting campaign will provide you with high ROI while reaching the largest e-commerce market in the world. And it is the perfect place to launch your e-commerce venture!

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