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Google is the world's most used Search Engine. Microsoft's Search Engine Bing is the second most popular one in the USA. Baidu is the largest Chinese Search Engine, which has the more than 70% of the search market share in Mainland China, followed by Sogou and Qihoo 360search. Doing SEO for South Korea means to work with Google, Naver and Daum.


Our Asia SEO experts are experienced with Baidu, Google, Naver and Yahoo Japan. Our various Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, English and German native speakers are eager to help with keyword research for your Asian SEO and SEA strategies for South East Asia, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, South Africa and India.


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"A successful strategy is based on high quality content and the front/backend optimization of your online store/Website. Digital Authority is built by organically indexing the right keywords to your Brand and have your products as a reference in East Asian platforms."


- Qing He, Project Manager

Website Optimization

Optimize your backend in order to make your Website or Storefront is East Asian friendly. Improve its link building and other fundamental SEO aspects to achieve higher rankings.

Technical SEO

Make sure your website reaches all the technical requirements imposed by the local engines such as: Naver, Baidu, Yahoo Japan and Google East Asia.

Content Strategy

Achieve your business objectives with a comprehensive business analysis Content Strategy provided by our highly qualified copywriters and analysts.


Japan is minimalist, China is profligate and S. Korea is something in between. Adapt your UI according to each audience expectations and improve your overall User Experience.

Public Relations

Release press releases, white paper, news and other relevant content to support your SEO strategy at the same time building your brand awareness.

Local Keywords

Have your Brand localized. Chinese, Thai, S. Korean and Japanese characters work and behave completely different on Search Engines when compared to Roman Characters.

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