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Keyword Research for Search (SEO and SEA) can be superficially done by non native speakers or even people not knowing any Chinese at all by using tools like Searchmetrics or Dragon Metrics. That will only give you the keywords, your competitors might rank for. But are these really those keywords real Chinese people in mainland China would use? 

You might have native Chinese speakers on your team sitting in Berlin or San Mateo or anywhere else in the world, where ever your headquarters are. But, these people are not surrounded by the daily Chinese life in China any more. China is moving so fast, language people use on the streets and on the internet is changing just as fast. A native Chinese speaker living in Germany for only 5 years, might already miss some important keywords special to your topic and niche - only because this person is more surrounded by German and English speakers, than by Chinese living in China.

You might have native speakers from Singapore or Taiwan at hand. But the Chinese in these countries is also different - although they all speak Mandarin Chinese. Look at it like the difference of German speakers from Germany versus Austria versus Switzerland. The all speak German, but they do use different words and spelling. Or native English speakers from the USA or Australia - they all speak English, but they do use different wordings and spellings for some words.

We support your Chinese Keyword Research with:

Native Mandarin speakers ...

    • ... from China
    • ... from Taiwan
    • ... from Singapore

Native Cantonese speakers ...

    • ... from Hongkong

Performing and observing your Chinese Keyword research for any Chinese market you intend to enter.

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