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New channels and platforms emerge daily in China, and Kuaishou, as a social media network, dedicated to mobile only platforms is taking a strong lead.

Kuaishou is the second biggest short video platform in China. It has daily active users. As a marketing platform, Kuaishou allows brands to set up branded accounts and update their content, providing advertising services that can be targeted on users' demographics, geolocation, behavior, and interests. Unlike Tik Tok, Kuaishou amplifies the voices of ordinary people and their lives. The user in Kuaishou is mainly young people from third-and fourth-tier cities, and also from rural areas in China.

Even so, the development of live e-commerce in Kuaishou is very fast. Kuaishou actively cooperates with all other major players in China's online retail sector. Users can purchase JD.com products directly from the Kuaishou application. Before the outbreak of the COVID-19, live streaming was only regarded as an option for brands to reach Chinese consumers, but now it has become essential because Covid-19 prompted the number of people watching live streaming at home. To sum up, Kuaishou's popularity among the public is high, so Kuaishou is undoubtedly one of the good choices for businesses to expand brand awareness.


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