Xiaohongshu Marketing

New channels and platforms emerge daily in China, and Xiaohongshu (little red book, or RED), as a social media network, dedicated to mobile only platforms is taking a strong lead.

Little Red Book, also known as the Instagram of China, Xiaohongshu, or RED, is a social media channel connecting users and brands. Little Red Book has 100 million active users every month, of which 85% are women and 46% are under 24 years old. Generally speaking, users of Little Red Book are mainly in first-tier and second-tier cities, with strong purchasing power. The overseas brands can usually gain stronger user participation through Little Red Book.


Besides, Little Red Book is a content-sharing website, where users can publish the experience and wearing of products for other users to read. Like Instagram, this will play an important role in the purchasing process of consumers. Also, Little Red Book will push related content that customers are interested in according to users' browsing habits. Before users buy a category of products, many users will open the Little Red Book to read product reviews, and then decide which brand of products to buy. This is a good channel to create multiple consumer connections, and it can also be called Little Red Book as a product search engine.


Little Red Book is an excellent channel to discover new brands. Therefore, operating in Xiaohongshu is undoubtedly an important choice for those companies that want to improve their product popularity and brand awareness.


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