Weibo Marketing

Weibo Marketing

Weibo is one of the biggest social medias in China, just like Twitter and Facebook in US. Win your Weibo Marketing campaign, win your huge Chinese market.

With over 368 million users, 126 million daily active users,  it has  attracted over 130,000 companies including one-third top 500 enterprises in the world. Weibo  Marketing  is essential for foreign companies to boost their presence in China so as to build and expand potential customers base and brand reputation. 

However, quantities of them are still at lost on Weibo. They cannot build a community circle of fans around their brands and transfer into effective traffic via Weibo. That’s because they haven't get the right way to run Weibo Marketing yet.


    Potential customers insights:

  • 368 million users, 82% of them are young people born after 1980.
  • 80% of Weibo users have high school degrees or higher.
  • The total income of Weibo users is 1.6 trillion RMB, which equals the GDP of Italy in 2011.
  • Weibo users purchase 54% of the goods and services in China.
  • 55.1% of them are SINGLE, which means great consumption potentiality in the foreseeable future.

    (Source: Sina Weibo Users Development)

Weibo Account Management:

  • Content schedule design and posts regularly update.
  • Fans communities and KOLs engagements and build deeper relationships.
  • Hot topic and events engagements.
  • Optimize Weibo home page and website .

Weibo is more than a traditional social network – Weibo is a microblogging site, which encourages both comments and retweets and make people notice and take part in discussions on hot topics or events.

Weibo Promotion and Advertising

  • Related KOLs engage in your promptio.
  • Customized promotion and advertising strategy.
  • Activities planning for specific themes and festivals.

Most  Weibo users do not mind seeing adverts and more than half may click on popular ads. The aim of Weibo marketing is to improve PR, impressions, promotion and brand reputation.


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