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With the development of mobile phones, more and more people choose to spend their time watching livestreaming videos in their free time. Web traffic means huge business opportunities, how can you achieve such traffic? A Tik Tok online store is a great choice and we will show how you can open your shop.   1 […]

Tiktok has become a global phenomenon by taking the market by storm with its innovative way of sharing short videos. However, in China, Douyin (Tiktok) is not the only short video app which is popular, Kuaishou has its own share and is considered as successful as Douyin. This article introduces Kuaishou and explains how to […]

WeChat, with 750 million DAU, by no doubt is one of the mostly used mobile Apps among Chinese people. Therefore it is considered the paramount Chinese digital marketing channel for business of all types. WeChat offers three types of advertising solutions (know the three Wechat Ad), however Wechat Moment ads is regarded as the best […]

KOLs, better known as Key Opinion Leaders, also as Wanghong in Chinese or Influencer in the west, are what consumers are gravitating towards in hopes to filter the clutter that digital advertising has created, which is a mainstay of Chinese media and marketing strategy. With the growth of the KOL marketing, the costs of the per […]

For years, short video in China has been synonymous with two names: Douyin(the Chinese version of ByteDance’s TikTok), and Kuaishou(Tencent-backed app). But in this year, a new challenger – WeChat’s new short video feature dubbed Channels, which came in the game only last year, has been steadily accumulating millions of users. What is WeChat Channels(微信视频号)? WeChat Channels is […]

To marketers and ad managers with China being their target market, Bytedance apps, particularly Toutiao and Douyin, are growing to be the most attractive media for advertising. In China’s digital realm, SEM/PPC ad faces a problem of traffic decrease, and Wechat ad is getting more and more costly; this to an extent, enforces marketers taking […]

Born as an ACG (Animation, Comics and Game) community, Bilibili is celebrated by Generation Z in China and now is going beyond its original realm and expand itself to become a platform with diverse culture products and multiple verticals. Large number of B2C brands and some B2B brands are rolling out marketing activities on this […]

Talking about video platforms in China the first ones come into mind might be Youku, iQiyi and QQ video. However in recent years Bilibili is rising among Chinese users, surpassing Youku and iQiyi in terms of daily website visit. BiliBili is a highly concentrated ACG(Anime, comics and gaming)cultural community and video platform filled with Generation […]

It’s no surprise that Internet giants like Google, Baidu and Sina set positions specifically for content review. For content-based social media platform, a content audit is so important that anything wrong in the content posted will affect the prospects of the company, especially in China, where the governments require all internet companies do self-censorship. Recently, […]

2018 is a fast growing year for Weibo. The monthly revenue growth rate exceeded 60% for 5 successive quarters, going beyond the expectation of Wall Street analysts. Up to the 3rd quarter, Weibo’s MAUs (Monthly Active Users) reached 446 million, that’s a population outnumbering the population of U.S. With its huge traffic and user base, […]