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In September this year (2020), Kun Tang, the founder of Jademond, partnered with Marcus Pentzek, was interviewed by LinkresearchTool.com to talk about a guest post on China SEO: Link Building Feng Shui for SEO in China During the 70 minutes talk Kun and Marcus discussed some latest trend and practices of Baidu SEO, especially for […]

A couple of weeks ago, we recommended to add Baidu internal site search on your website to achieve rich snippets on Baidu SERP. Recently Baidu Internal Search team released several new features to help webmasters to get more SEO benefits out of the tool. One of them is Internal Site Searched Keywords. How does Internal […]

Search and social integration has been a hot topic for years, but its China chapter hasn’t been really taken off, even Baidu did try to integrate Weibo results last year (Baidu took them off from the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) after the regulator tightened the censorship). The good news is that a local search engine called […]