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How to become a TMALL International TP Service Provider?

With the development of e-commerce, as more international brands choose to stand to Tmall International, since many business opportunities are coming, additional benefits…
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Cross Border Ecommerce

How to start selling your products and build a suitable storefront in China?

Entering the Chinese market for the first time!   In the first half of 2020, 2,356 new Cross-border E-commerce related enterprises were registered…
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Ecommerce Platforms Cover

10 facts you need to know about the e-commerce platforms in China

In the past year of 2020, the number of chinese online shopping users had reached 710 million, and the total volume of e-commerce…
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How to drop ship and sell your products in China?

In countries where Amazon.com is available, brands are able to drop ship their products to the end customers and local retailers. This practice…
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101 on Little Red Book the cross-border eCommerce App in China

Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book, RED) is an app that provides overseas shopping tips and allows its users to share experiences from their trips…
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5 Tips For Successful Wechat Mini Program Marketing

As analyzed in a previous blog, we hold the view that Wechat mini program can be a promising new battleground for omnichannel marketing,…
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Wechat Launched Offline Shop Mini Program Based on its Card and Coupon System

On Apr. 26th Wechat launched Offline Shop Mini Program to further integrate Online to Offline (O2O) business. Even though there are articles saying…
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Coupons (红包)- small promotional instrument for making your Taobao shop big.

How to use promotional instruments for increasing new shop’s credibility and shop’s rank? When you open a brand-new Taobao shop, you might face…
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How to Promote a Brand New Shop on Taobao?

Two weeks ago, we released a post about how to set up your Taobao Shop. If you have followed the guide and managed…
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How to set up your Taobao shop: A Step-by-Step Guide. Part 2.

Previous part   Step 7: Choose "Commercial shop". Step 8: Upload your business licence and fill in the following blanks: a. your company's name,…
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