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With the development of e-commerce, as more international brands choose to stand to Tmall International, since many business opportunities are coming, additional benefits are available to Tmall International TP service providers.   Therefore, how do you become a Tmall International TP service provider? This article is to introduce you to its business model and term […]

In countries where Amazon.com is available, brands are able to drop ship their products to the end customers and local retailers. This practice has been commonly used as a way to expand sales and awareness of a brand which is not yet well stablished in other regions. Amazon was available in China, however the local […]

Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book, RED) is an app that provides overseas shopping tips and allows its users to share experiences from their trips abroad. This year in May, Xiaohongshu just raised $300 million from Alibaba Group in its series D round. People began to compare Xiaohongshu with Weibo, who also receives funding from Alibaba Group. […]

As analyzed in a previous blog, we hold the view that Wechat mini program can be a promising new battleground for omnichannel marketing, but there’re certain specialties of this platform we need to keep in mind. Here following are some tips you can consider before launching mini program marketing plan. 1, Wechat Mini Program and […]

On Apr. 26th Wechat launched Offline Shop Mini Program to further integrate Online to Offline (O2O) business. Even though there are articles saying how it will revolutionize retail, because it’s so simple to use that a mom papa shop  without any technical skills can set up one easily, most them haven’t mentioned the backbone supporting Offline Shop Mini […]

How to use promotional instruments for increasing new shop’s credibility and shop’s rank? When you open a brand-new Taobao shop, you might face these problems: no traffic, no clicks, can’t use price comparison sites , can’t participate in official opening activities,multiple criteria are not up to Taobao standards and so on. What can you do […]

Two weeks ago, we released a post about how to set up your Taobao Shop. If you have followed the guide and managed to set up the shop, the next thing you should do is to drive visitors to your shop by participating in all sorts of promotional activities inside and outside of Taobao’s platform. […]

Previous part   Step 7: Choose “Commercial shop”. Step 8: Upload your business licence and fill in the following blanks: a. your company’s name, b. registration number, c. company code, d. representative’s name, e. representative’s passport number, f. passport’s expiration date, g. phone number.   Step 9: Upload scanned documents, including scanned passport  of your representative. […]

Last time we looked into Taobao and Tmall, their purpose and differences. Now we will go through the step-by-step procedure of opening a Taobao shop. Before you embark on your epic quest of conquering the great kingdom of Chinese E-Commerce by opening your Taobao shop, you should acquire these magical items first: 1 email, 1 […]

Welcome to Taobao. People say that there’s a special place for everything. Yes, there is, and it’s called Taobao Market place. Taobao Marketplace is a massive, in its size and influence, E-Commerce platform, which operates on C2C (Taobao) and B2C (Tmall) systems. Created by Alibaba Group in 2003, Taobao is No.1 online shopping website in […]