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Recently there are a lot of discussions about migrating site from HTTP to HTTPS, as there Baidu SEO benefits like more referral traffic and higher ranking besides the advantages of security and privacy. Google announced that HTTPS is one of ranking signal, while Bing introduced its HTTPS version of their sites. These make us wonder […]

The second Baidu SEO myth is Baidu Cache Recency. There are assumptions in Baidu SEO world that there is a correlation between Baidu Cache Recency and the website’s SEO performance. But again Lee denied the relevancy of Baidu cache update frequency and Baidu SEO performance. What is Baidu Cache Recency? Indexation is one of the […]

There are several myths about Baidu SEO. Baidu search engineer team often denies their existence or claim they don’t work, but the whole industry of Baidu SEO is working on them to improve their sites presence on Baidu. So from today, we are going to introduce them one by one, try to explain how they […]

Search and social integration has been a hot topic for years, but its China chapter hasn’t been really taken off, even Baidu did try to integrate Weibo results last year (Baidu took them off from the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) after the regulator tightened the censorship). The good news is that a local search engine called […]