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Live-streaming is a hot topic in China’s social media marketing and considered one of the main channels where brands can advertise and activate themselves. In 2020, the number of live-streaming users has exceeded 562 million and its market value surpassed 961 billion CN¥. Live-streaming builds the opportunity to get closer with your potential customers in […]

Jademond MD, Kun Tang, was invited by Xplace (a Italy based digital marketing agency) to give a comprehensive introduction and share his insight on KOL marketing in China during the Xsider Week webinar event. In the webinar, Kun Tang covers all the relevant topics in China KOL marketing: 1, What are the active marketing platforms […]

Have to say, KOL is an essential “tools” on WeChat Marketing, but just like our last blog post “WeChat KOL Demystification: The Dark Side of WeChat KOL” talked, well-known KOLs cost a lot,  KOLs on some platforms may not reliable. So Potential KOL is a better choice for WeChat Marketing. So, another question goes out, […]

Everyone talks KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) that it is the best way to promote your company on WeChat. Especially after the fashion blogger, Becky Li sold 100 MINI Coopers on WeChat in 5 minutes. But, are all KOLs like Becky Li who has so powerful influence? Of course not. A large amount of KOLs may […]