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Wechat Advertising has become one of the most used channels for Brands targeting Chinese consumers. How exactly does this channel can help you to accomplish your marketing goals? Wechat presents different features oriented to multiple objectives: improving brand awareness, selling product or promoting official account. In early 2015, WeChat kicked off an advertising program, of […]

For years, short video in China has been synonymous with two names: Douyin(the Chinese version of ByteDance’s TikTok), and Kuaishou(Tencent-backed app). But in this year, a new challenger – WeChat’s new short video feature dubbed Channels, which came in the game only last year, has been steadily accumulating millions of users. What is WeChat Channels(微信视频号)? WeChat Channels is […]

Jademond MD, Kun Tang, was invited by Xplace (a Italy based digital marketing agency) to give a comprehensive introduction and share his insight on KOL marketing in China during the Xsider Week webinar event. In the webinar, Kun Tang covers all the relevant topics in China KOL marketing: 1, What are the active marketing platforms […]

It’s no surprise that Internet giants like Google, Baidu and Sina set positions specifically for content review. For content-based social media platform, a content audit is so important that anything wrong in the content posted will affect the prospects of the company, especially in China, where the governments require all internet companies do self-censorship. Recently, […]

Douyin, the equivalent of Tik Tok or Musical.ly, is a short video(less than 15secs) sharing app that’s growing rudely in China among youngsters and gradually among users of other ages. Since its launch in 2016, it now has grown into a platform of 150 million DAU and 300 million monthly active users. During 2017 Spring […]

On April 15, Wechat revamped its search function in the latest release on iOS platform, making one more push to become a search giant on mobile. The new release adds one more entrance for Wechat search: top of all conversations on the homepage of Wechat. This enables search to be more accessible at fingertip distance […]

WeChat has been investing its Mini Program for a while. After 9 months efforts with large number of enterprise user for Mini Program acquired, WeChat is looking into monetizing by testing ads on Mini Program. How Mini Program Ads looked like before On June 16th, WeChat Mini Programs launched advertisements on Beta, but not all […]

Have to say, KOL is an essential “tools” on WeChat Marketing, but just like our last blog post “WeChat KOL Demystification: The Dark Side of WeChat KOL” talked, well-known KOLs cost a lot,  KOLs on some platforms may not reliable. So Potential KOL is a better choice for WeChat Marketing. So, another question goes out, […]

Everyone talks KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) that it is the best way to promote your company on WeChat. Especially after the fashion blogger, Becky Li sold 100 MINI Coopers on WeChat in 5 minutes. But, are all KOLs like Becky Li who has so powerful influence? Of course not. A large amount of KOLs may […]