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When it comes to social e-commerce, the first thing that comes to Chinese people’s mind is WeiShang (WeChat Business), the people who sells goods to their friends in “Moments”. This interactive sales, which is in line with China’s deeply-rooted “human relationship culture” achieves great success in China. The rapid expansion of this group has brought […]

As analyzed in a previous blog, we hold the view that Wechat mini program can be a promising new battleground for omnichannel marketing, but there’re certain specialties of this platform we need to keep in mind. Here following are some tips you can consider before launching mini program marketing plan. 1, Wechat Mini Program and […]

Wechat Mini Program was brought to the public on Jan. 9th, 2017. Now it’s been one year past so it is high time we recap the development pace of this product and see how it’s doing, and more importantly, analyze what marketers can do with this product. Some milestones: 2017.01.09: Tencent launched Wechat Mini Program […]

WeChat has been investing its Mini Program for a while. After 9 months efforts with large number of enterprise user for Mini Program acquired, WeChat is looking into monetizing by testing ads on Mini Program. How Mini Program Ads looked like before On June 16th, WeChat Mini Programs launched advertisements on Beta, but not all […]

When Wechat Mini Program was launched in Jan. 2017, it was not to created to drive traffic said by Alan Zhang, who is idealist and doesn’t want to see it become another money making machines by traffic brokers, therefore it couldn’t be shared to Moment, Groups not even friends. However this policy doesn’t work so […]