Three Cost-Effective Ways than Brand Zone to Visualize Your Baidu PPC Campaign

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Baidu PPC is usually considered a performance marketing channel, not a branding channel, because its text link ad style can hardly convince consuming brand to invest this channel without place to visualize the brands. One option – Baidu Brand Zone, which costs from 100,000 RMB per month for covering your own brand terms, may not be deemed a good choice. In fact Baidu Phoenix Nest does provide a number of ways to visualize Baidu SEM ads without allocating millions of annual budget for that.

1. Baidu Video Ad
How it looks?

The video will be shown along with the text link to the landing page. Once you click on the ad, the video will be viewed before landing on the page.

Baidu SEM Video Ad

How to do that?
You need to embed the video into the ad, by submitting the video file to Baidu Phoenix Nest along with the keywords, ad copy, etc. And most importantly you need to manage the bid for the keywords well, as the video ad will be shown when the ad to the left top ad position on either on PC or mobile.

How it charges?

Since it’s based on keywords, you will be charged by click.

2. Baidu Image Ad

Baidu Image ad works in the same ways as video ad does, i.e. only the top position can show the image along with text ad, and Baidu charges by CPC. However the difference is that Baidu use its Knowledge Graph algorithm to match the image and the ad by itself, instead of by the SEM specialist.

Baidu SEM Image Ad

3. Baidu Marble Pillar Ad (华表)

How it looks?

Baidu Marble Pillar ads are displayed on the right side, which is a very scarce opportunity since Baidu reduced the ad listings in 2016. The ad can be shown as image or video. When you mouse over the ad, a bigger brand image will be hover up.

Baidu Marble Pillar Ad

How it works?

First, you need to check the availability of the intended keywords group (usually a dozen to 20) in Marble Pillar ad, which usually are generic terms instead of brand terms that covered by Brand Zone. If it is not been bought, you can bid for the keywords group and lock it for 1 week to 13 weeks maximum. Since it’s still new, the bidding prices are still acceptable to SME to do branding by targeting generic terms.

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