Top 5 Differences Between Naver PPC and Google Ads That You Should Know

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Naver used to be the search engine that’s taking the most share of Korean search market.  Google’s share has been growing at a vast speed and StatCounter, shows that the market share of Google search has exceeded that of Naver search in recent years. But local Korean media AceCounter says the opposite that Naver still counts more than 68% of the market share and its PPC revenue more than 54%.This makes understanding the Naver PPC very important if to succeed in Korea market.

To help you get a quick essence of Naver’s uniqueness, we come up with the below top 5 comparisons between Google Ads and Naver PPC.

1. Naver Ads has More Format than Google Ad

Compared with Google, Naver is recognized by Korean to be more than a search engine. Naver also plays a big part in news and media realm providing information on weather, shopping, popular topics etc. Moreover, social media products on Naver like Naver Café, is much more influential and widely used among Korean users.

Therefore Naver ads offers not only Search Ad but also display ad, including search ads (called PowerLink), product search ads (called Shopping Search), content display ads (called PowerContent), Brand Search ads and location based ad/Places Search ads.

Naver Search Ad Example

2. Naver Ads has Keywords Fewer Match Type

Google Ads provides four keyword match types: broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match. Naver Ads offers two keyword match types: exact match and keyword expansion, and the latter one is in test phase and not available in backend control panel yet.  

Naver has only Exact Match and Keywords Expansion

The disadvantage for Exact Match is also pretty obvious: difficulty in keyword pool expansion. This is missing out a certain number of keywords that have conversion potentials.

Naver’s Keyword Expansion” feature, similar to Google’s broad match, usually with which its ads will be triggered by a large numbers of irrelevant queries and budget drained quickly when this feature enabled, and CTR dropped to 1/5 of usual. Therefore, negative keyword exclusion is critical when using Keyword Expansion feature.

Besides, if the feature of Keyword Expansion is set to ON, then even if the ad group keyword is OFF or paused, your ads still can appear using synonyms and you may be charged for a click. As a result, you need to set both ad group and the feature to OFF when pausing or stopping ads.

3, Naver has more Paid Listing on its SERP

Google, at the maximum extent, place 3 ads on its first SERP (Search Engine Result Page) . Whereas, Naver can easily get 10 paid listings before the organic ones. The consequent issue of this is there will be a much lower Click Through Rate than Google. You need to prepare yourself if you’ve been used to consider 2% CTR only a acceptable metrics, as you’ll see 0.5% average CTR on Naver PPC report very often.

  • Naver Ads Tracking is less automatic than Google

If you’re using Google Analytics you can track your Naver PPC performance, but you need to achieve that by adding the UTM code to each ads manually. Naver has a semi-automatic tool (see it below) that can save you from the labor-intensive work, but still cannot be compared to Google, as you still need to work on several spreadsheets that allows you to combine Naver’s template sheet and your GA tracking sheet, so as to see which keywords from which campaign performance on Google Analytics.

Naver’s Semi-automatic Keywords Performance Tracking Tool

5. Naver Ads has stricter censorship than Google

You can enable the functionalities of Dynamic Keywords Inserting and Site Links in Naver ads, but the censorship of the ad copy is very strict. Naver will ask you to provide documents like trademark certificate if you’re adding your brand terms into ads, and if you’re adding location-based ad, you need to provide business registration of the stores, etc. Regulated industries like medical and clinical’s ads cannot be running Dynamic Keywords Inserting. Even you’re adding image to the ad,you will be required to prove that you own the copyright of the graphic assets.

I hope these shall give a you sense of the difference of Naver PPC. There are many more to be disclosed if we go exhaustive. Feel free to get in touch about Korea digital marketing you’re curious.

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