Which type of KOL better fits your Brand in China?

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When we plan Weibo Marketing campaigns, KOLs are an essential strategy to be considered. If you want to be successful in your Weibo campaign, KOLs are priorities in any Weibo campaign being considered more important than advertisement and traffic.

Weibo: the stage spotlight for KOLs.

Weibo is the largest social platform in China. Weibo is the main platform for KOLs. Most Weibo KOLs are specialized in one field, for example, KOLs in Tourism are professional travelers and adventurers, fashion KOLs working in fashion industry may have their own brands.

Four main types of Weibo KOL

According to the Weibo verified account stamp, we sort KOLs according to these four types:

1. Celebrities/stars

This group of KOLs is the most influential. They are usually famous actors, singers, artists, writers, businessmen and so on. Though, this group usually don’t engage in marketing campaigns because they in some way need to bear more social responsibility. They would only speak for some well-known brands, like OPPO, VIVO, GUCCI and may demand a very high price for endorsing your products.

For example, Yang Mi, Chinese famous Actress, has 75,545,010 fans. Her latest Weibo post, has 14,341 retweets, 9,105 comments and 93,129 likes. Another post published hour before has 42,848 retweets, 26,361 comments and 385,148 likes. Both are personal posts.

On Sep. 12th, Yang Mi retweeted MICHAEL KORS, a fashion brand promotion video, and soon this Weibo has 127,031 retweets, 35,605 comments and 185,821 likes. It makes sense to convert users and generate brand awareness at the same time.

2.  KOL in one field: who are professional in one field

Such as fashion bloggers, food bloggers, fitness bloggers and so on. They are influential in their field and have a large fan base. What they share on Weibo will make hundreds of fans to retweet, comment, like and engage immediately. Most of their fans may have the same tags as them, which is beneficial for branding or products promotion. This kind of KOL is good for renown entry lux brand or products. Their cost is relatively reasonable and affordable.

For example, papi酱 is a famous Weibo original video creators in China, who has more than 24,830,943 fans. The latest video she produced has 185,437 retweets, 90,408 comments and 420,311likes. She is famous for her literary or artistic talent (graduated from The Central Academy of Drama in China) and humor.

3.  Internet celebrity (Wanghong)

I think this group of people is a miraculous existence in social network, who are famous for their appearance and behaviors. Maybe just a word, a picture or a video, they hit the Internet, maybe in one night, and soon, their number of fans boosts. They are not as famous and popular as stars and KOLs in one field, but have already built their community of fans on Weibo. They usually post beautiful self-portraits, delicious food, stylish places and some short life funny video. Also, they live broadcast on Weibo. Cooperating with high quality Internet celebrities may surprise you and discovering potential Internet celebrities requires time and experience, especially when you are looking for a good fit for a niche brand or new original brand.

For example, Li Yutong, hot topic heroine these days, has 678,654 fans. These days she and Xue Zhiqian are hot topics on Weibo. I am quite surprised, her latest Weibo has 70,087 retweets, 276,096 comments and 276,092 likes.

4.  Grassroots KOL: normal people but with strong personal branding

This group of people are not as famous as Internet celebrities, but in some way they are also famous in specific fields and has an above average number of fans. They engage well with other similar Grassroots KOLs and their fans. They are a good choice small business to work with.

For example, Fantuanma, a parental Weibo blogger, has 17,221 fans. Her daily Weibo has had 31 retweets, 612 likes and 190 likes. Though not a large number, but most are real engaged fans and it’s well enough for small businesses to promote in their entry in the market.

These kinds of KOLs, differs from exposure, activation, events engagements, and cost, which you may be most concerned about. Generally, well-known brands would choose the first and second ones; the third and fourth are cost-effective for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

KOL evaluation is an essential step before you start your Weibo marketing campaign, which requires professional tools, insights research and so on. It’s not an easy thing without a China Based Weibo Agency to help you.

Siyong is a self-starter. She began her career in Jademond as an intern assisting on Chinese content creator. Now her expertise crosses in content marketing, social media marketing and SEO. Her passion in digital marketing makes a quick learner and strong goal achiever.

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