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Wechat Advertising is becoming a more widely used channel for marketers targeting Chinese consumers. How exactly does this channel do to help accomplish your marketing goals? Wechat prepares different features fitting multiple needs: improving brand awareness, selling product, or promoting official account.

In early 2015, WeChat kicked off an advertising program, when 25 brands including Coco Cola and Mercedes-Benz debuting on its content sharing platform. Unlike other social media like Weibo, Wechat’s Ad won popularity among users and some users even captures what’s fed to them and share and compete with friends. Thanks to Wechat’s discreet actions, this platform is becoming an increasingly active and an ideal platform for marketers.

As you probably already know, there are 3 types of WeChat advertising:

  1. WeChat Banner Advertisements
  2. WeChat Moments Advertisements
  3. Key Opinion Leader(KOL) Promotion

But first, for any company to advertise on Wechat, it is very important to know that an Wechat official account is a must. (See more on how to Set Up An Wechat Official Account Without China Presence)

For those companies that already have or will soonly operate an Wechat official account, what exactly can Wechat Ad do for you?

Well, it depends on your intentions actually.

  1. Grow brand awareness

Like any other ads media, Wechat Ad helps enhance brand awareness by increasing impressions. Practically there’re several formats of ads help to do that:

  • WeChat Moments Advertisements

Moments is equivalent to Facebook’s newsfeed. Wechat moment ads look just like normal Moments posts but with an additional “Sponsored” tag in the upper right corner.

One of Coca Cola’s Wechat Moment Ads

The Moment ad consists the below elements:

  • Brand name and profile picture
  • Up to 40 character ad description
  • Link to a promotional article on a H5 webpage that’s hosted on Tencent’s server
  • Up to 6 pictures or 6-15 seconds short videos

The price of Moments advertising is higher than other advertising channels. For that reason,companies with each marketing budget and in well-known industry can best benefit from it.

  • WeChat Banner Advertisements

Banner Advertising on WeChat are very much like other website banner ads. The banners feature at two places: bottom of a passage published by KOL WeChat Official Account and in front of videos that are longer than 5 minutes.

A Wechat Banner Ad displays at the bottom of a passage

A Wechat Banner Ad displays in front of a video clip

  • Key Opinion Leader(KOL) Advertisement

This solution calls for in-depth collaboration between client company and KOL, with agreement on the cost based on views, date and period of advertising, and the cooperation mode. As for cooperation mode, the advertiser can choose to place the ad on the bottom of the KOL’s article(like Banner Ad) or have the KOL compose the full article to promote the companies culture, proposition etc.

The difference between current Wechat KOL marketing(See more on how to Find Your Potential KOL) and KOL Advertisement is in the process.

Previously you have to contact the KOL, or the KOL platform agency, to get in touch with the KOLs and negotiate the price, discuss the cooperation mode with them.There’s direct communication requested.

By contrast, through KOL Ad everything is done by self-service. The advertiser choose from a white list of KOLs provided by Wechat, with filters like verticals etc. The advertiser offer a price and advertising period to the selected KOLs and input minimum impressions. KOLs can choose to  accept the offer with the requested guaranteed impressions during the ad period or not. If failed to complete the impression task, the KOL only gets calculated ratio of the total offering. In another way, the advertiser can contact the KOLs to copywrite customized article for them, which is similar to the traditional way.

The advantage for KOL Ad is that advertiser can get guaranteed impressions from quality KOLs(See more on the Dark Side of Wechat KOLs), and KOLs can also choose to promote the brand in accordance with their account perception.

Mercedes-Benz’s Ad displays in the KOL Account “微信路况”(“Wechat Traffic”)

This can be a good way to help company build and broadcast positive brand perceptions when cooperate with the right partner. Also it can be a budget saving option.

  1. Promote Wechat official account

Wechat Ad can be used to attract more fans/followers. With official account being more rich featured, companies can do lots of things like selling products, promoting events, managing members etc. Keeping a certain number of active followers within the account becomes a routine work for many online marketers.

Both Wechat Moment Ad and Banner Ad have similar features to attract followers.

H&M tries to attract fans for its official account

  1. Promote Mobile Application

Wechat Moment Ad and Banner Ad are good ways to promote mobile applications. They offer direct interface to download the app within Wechat.

VIP trying to get direct App downloads on Wechat

  1. Promote product or special offer

If you are planning a new campaign to launch new products or a round of discount, Wechat’s coupon/gift card feature (See more on Wechat Gift Card and Coupon) can be a good choice. We recommend Wechat Banner Advertisement.

A fruit retailer giving away coupon on Wechat

Besides if you also operate Wechat shop or eCommerce Miniprogram, the Ad will directly link to your shopping page.

Wechat Ad directs audience to a fashion retailer’s Wechat shop

However, if you are running a highly local focus campaign, Wechat local Moment Ad can be very effective because it shows location of the store directly in the Ad. What’s more, you’re not bound to 50k entry budget to start a local Moment Ad campaign. So it’s a good solution for SMEs.

A Wechat local Moment Ad displays shop address

Wechat is keeping updating its Ad system, and rumor said it introducing machine learning into it to improve the precision of audience targeting. Sign up with our newsletter to stay up with newest info.

Joy is the Account Manager in Jademond,. She writes about all subjects from China online marketing practices to the latest Chinese technology unicorns.

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