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Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform similar to Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Though Google dominates PPC advertising, Yahoo gives certain advantages over AdWords. Lower CPC and CPM are the prominent ones.


Yahoo currently commands only 11.7% of the search engine market, but still has 1 billion users monthly doing 500 million searches per day. In addition, Yahoo reports that one third of their search users don’t use other search engines, so advertisers end up with higher clickthrough rates. Yahoo Ads marketing provides excellent exposure across affiliated websites using a PAY PER CLICK service similar to Google AdWords.

Yahoo Ads has a similar approach to that of AdWords, where businesses bid on search keywords and phrases. The search engine chooses to display ads based on a combination of bid amount and quality score, which is based on your clickthrough rates. These ads are also promoted on Yahoo-affiliated sites.


Just as with Bing Ads, the cost per click tends to be cheaper because there is less competition among advertisers. Your ads will also gain exposure among a segment of internet users who only use Yahoo for searching, a market that would remain untapped if you only advertised on Google.

As with all our pay per click services, we offers assistance with every aspect of your campaign. From SETUP to ongoing management, we’ll ensure your campaign captures your target audience. Through our ANALYTICS, we’ll also continue to refine your campaign as we discover new keywords that are valuable to your business. Our team wants to see you get the best return on your investment possible across all your marketing campaigns.

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